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Today, I got into a debate with my boyfriend over whether or not oral sex was considered sex. I stood firm that it was not. Apparently, he took this as permission, as later that night I walked in on him not having sex with my sister. FML
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Well that doesn't change the fact he was doing something that isn't G rated with your sister. Kissing isn't sex either, but it's considered cheating. Just because it isn't sex doesn't mean it is not wrong to do.

I_Hug_Cats 26

well it is called oral SEX for a reason...


Well that doesn't change the fact he was doing something that isn't G rated with your sister. Kissing isn't sex either, but it's considered cheating. Just because it isn't sex doesn't mean it is not wrong to do.

beccaishereyay 11

It was with your freaking SISTER. Even if it was G rated, doing ANYTHING with a sibling is so wrong. After you dumb the douche, I think you need to have a talk with sissy.

Redoxx_fml 22

Yes he is both dumb and a douche

beccaishereyay 11

24- Damn. Yes, thank you.

The problem wasn't that it wasn't G rated, the problem was that it was sexual. If they were swearing it wouldn't have been G rated either, but it would have been acceptable.

1- well what if in a previous argument she said "it's not cheating if it isn't sex."?

Oral SEX is SEX ... It implies it in the name

Keliosan 6

Regardless of what OP said in any argument about this it was clearly his intent in the first place to be with her sister or any girl he could find to do it because huge coincidences like this don't come around often...

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I don't think so 72, it was the OP that was standing firm on it NOT being sex. Since there was an argument involved, that implies the BF took the position of it BEING sex. Not condoning what he did, I just don't think this was some master plot started by the boyfriend to **** his GFs sister.

69 - Eggplant implies that there should be an egg somewhere.

THANK YOU. I would be extremely shocked if this was the first time they'd done anything non-platonic together. Your boyfriend needs dumping and your sister needs to get her priorities straight.

"I don't think so 72, it was the OP that was standing firm on it NOT being sex. Since there was an argument involved, that implies the BF took the position of it BEING sex." So? It could be that the discussion went like this: Boyfriend: "Do you think oral sex is sex?" OP: "No, it's definitely not sex." Boyfriend: "Alright then. Wait here, I'm going to your sister to do some... not-sexual things. Bye."

Gloritank 8

Very doubtful 134. Because I don't know about you but when I get into a debate it usually has two sides with arguments for both. She stated she believed oral sex wasn't sex. So obviously he must have been debating for the side that said oral sex was sex.

134, you also have to take into account that this was written BY the GF. SHE used the term "firmly" which implies it was more than a 3 sentence argument, where SHE felt she was strongly defending the side of "it's not sex"

syley 5

134) that's not a "debate" though now is it

theslimshadylp 6

People call masturbation self sex but I don't people count it as sex -_-

theslimshadylp 6

Oral SEX it's in the name

To me, it's not sex unless the woman can ******. You can't ****** from oral.

thatKidzmOm 10

165-then someone isn't doing it right.

169- I meant the woman blowing the dude, not team oral or anything. Are you telling me you ****** from sucking dick? If so you might want to share your secret with the world, we all want to know.

thatKidzmOm 10

But you said "you can't ****** from oral" not you can't ****** from GIVING oral. There's a difference, love.

165, do you ****** from anal? There are also women who have issues reaching ****** from penetration. What if the guy is a dick and decided to be a 2 minute man and leave her hanging? Does that not classify as sex to you?

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134, go be stupid somewhere else

OP's BF is a douchebag for cheating. Sex comes in many forms. Oral sex is not INTERCOURSE*, but anybody who says it isn't sex is a ********.

Lol YDI for saying so he took it upon himself to show u it wasnt not sex

A ******* or eating a girl out isnt f**king sex, people who actually get it in life all know that. And when you're in a relationship, you shouldnt even be kissing someone else, especially your partner's f**king sibling.

So many dislikes for the word totally? xD

lena85_fml 7

I believe that any physical contact you make regarding your private parts is sex. Whether its Oral SEX, vaginal SEX, anal SEX, or dry SEX, finger banging, or jerking off!!!

165 - I've never orgasmed during sex. I guess by your standards, this makes me a virgin?

To put this argument to rest... It's called sex for a reason yes, but also you can get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from oral sex, so it counts as sex.

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AFloppyWetWhale 6

Well said. Gotta trust the words of the wise

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She should bust the windows out his car

Either way that BF needs to be dumped cuz what dumbass boyfriend cheats on his woman's with her sister because of an argument over sex?

That is one dumbass bf...I mean ex. Also, your sister needs to back the hell up. This is why we have Jerry Springer.

daisiebud 18

Good call. Really, I'd be mad even if he and my sister were just holding hands.

OK, to anyone who thinks 'oral sex' is SEX, then answer this. If a girl gave a guy a ******* at a party, would she say 'I had sex with him'? NO! Thus, oral sex is not 'sex' when talking about 'sex' End of ******* discussion, shut the **** up.

Wow I hate djeepee she's an annoying b!tch

If I was her i'd tell mom haha

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Maybe the sister was being annoying and he wanted to shut her up.

EvilTwerp 12

ORAL SEX. Did you catch that? Here it is again oral S-E-X. It has SEX in the name.

If it isn't considered sex then it wouldn't be called oral 'sex'. Sex is simply mutual stimulation of sexual organs by various means, not limited to penetration but also includes fellatio/***********. So when you **********, it's just solo sex really. With yourself. Now isn't that awkward...

Who gives a **** whether or not it's considered sex.. why is she getting so many YDI's? He just cheated on her with her sister! Dump him and kick both of their asses.

#2 I have a lot of lesbian friends that would love to argue with you... ...sadly they have their mouths full lol.

153: It's an FML because the OP got cheated on, and it's also YDI because she's stupid for thinking that cocksucking isn't a kind of sex.

209, If you think being wrong about something you believe means you deserve the worst form of irony to happen to you then you're a ******* idiot. She doesn't deserve him to go facefuck her sister just because she doesn't believe it's sex. End of story.

261: FMyLife gives me two buttons to judge the OP and her story with: FML and YDI. I clicked both. This shouldn't suggest that I intended them in equal measure.

261: FMyLife gives me two buttons to judge the OP and her story with: FML and YDI. I clicked both. This shouldn't suggest that I intended them in equal measure.

269, I'm sure in some dimension that logic makes sense. Maybe you should go there.

116 - So, I'm not a virgin? I don't know how to react to this news.

Break up with that douche!

Girls always seem to jump to that conclusion when the guy does something wrong. But when the girl does its all "oooo talk to her don't dump her. Oooo". Yeah, I don't like double standards.

Achall91 17

No need to be sexist. OP should break up with him, he cheated on her. With her SISTER. I don't see why it would be unreasonable for the OP to dump him.

Well there should be a talk first I think. An actual discussion, not a screaming match at eachother. I think People think breaking up is the answer for everything when really you should talk about it first like adults and then take the appropriate course of action afterwards. But jumping right away to break up is never the best thing. Because its making a decision when angry and you could end up regretting it in the future. It more sounds like he did it out of spite then anything. So that's why a discussion is needed.

Just because you cheat out of spite doesn't make it okay. If anything, that's just extremely immature. And btw what was the sister's excuse?

GVirdi 11

Honestly I just feel like OP brought this upon herself...

10- what kind of talking is going to explain having oral sex with your girlfriend's sister?

OnlychildFTW: I am a huge fan of talking about your problems, but there's a limit on it. The guy cheated on her with her sister, how in earth could OP forgive something like that and remain her self-esteem? If he cheated on her because she doesn't show interest into him anymore/they live more as friends than as a couple/he gets more attention from other women than from her/... (you know, problems that many 'old' couples experience), then they could try to work it out and heal their relationship. But now? I don't think there were serious relationship issues and he cheated on her anyway, which makes him a douchebag, and a stupid one as well. Cheating on your partner when she's in the same house as you... Anyway, being a douchebag = not worth having a serious discussion.

tweetertot 0

No not always. And its not like there arent double standards with guys to. If a guy sleeps around everyones lik yea dude! If a girl does it its lik ew *****...

OnlychildFTW: First of all, save your "people would totally take the girl's side if the gender roles were switched!" for an FML where the girl is at fault and people still take her side Then there would be legitimacy to your complaint. Second of all, he CHEATED on her with her SISTER. There's nothing to talk about. If he did it once he's likely to do it again, and even if he doesn't the relationship will likely never be the same again. How can she trust him (or her sister, for that matter) after this? Plus, this a testament to his character. Not only is he an asshole, but he's an asshole who doesn't give a shit about the people who love him. Why would anyone want to date someone like that? Also, he's just her boyfriend, not her husband. When you're married to someone, you take the time a trouble to work things out that would be cause to dump a boyfriend to avoid the expense and heartache of a divorce, but since he's only her boyfriend it will be a clean break and she'll save herself a lot of pain in the future. Even if she were married to him, though, she would be a fool to stay. Since he's only her boyfriend, however, that simply means she has absolutely nothing to lose by dumping his sorry ass.

65, Agree completely. If you've been married for a long time and someone pulls something like this, or if there is some other catalyst like a long distance relationship then sure, talk about it. This seems like a young relationship with no major issues, and if he's unsatisfied by her sexuality at this point then the idiot needs to communicate or move on. There's no reason to discuss anything here, the guy doesn't take the relationship seriously and since it seems she does she needs to get rid of this guy. 189, I don't know of many people who would cheer a guy on for cheating on his girlfriend. It's only a double standard if it's widely accepted, not just a couple of his buddies approving of his actions and if he told that story to the general public then we would as a whole judge him as a jackass. By your logic everything is a double standard, because there will always be a group of individuals who disagree with any standard.

looloothing 9

When I first read this I thought it said "HIS" sister. O_O

Snackycake 20

#10,If op's boyfriend was an adult he wouldn't be mouth-shagging her sister....

7 - When has there ever been a double standard with the issue of cheating? Go to any FML, for example, where a girlfriend/wife cheats and you will see that everyone will say the same thing they are saying here: break up with them! Whether that is right or wrong is your opinion, but don't create a double standard where there isn't one.

Hey, it says she caught them not having sex, what's so bad about that? :P

RedPillSucks 31

AssassinsCRB, I think the implication was that he was having oral sex with her sister. If the two of them were doing some other "non-sexual" action, it would probably not be on FML.

I_Hug_Cats 26

well it is called oral SEX for a reason...

That's what people call it. But it depends what you yourself consider sex really. Some people only consider genital sex sex. So to them anal doesn't = sex. It's really all about your stance on this. It's one of those personal choice/belief things.

No, oral sex is still sex. If rape is forcing someone to have sex, and you're saying oral sex isn't sex, then are you saying forcing someone to preform oral sex isn't rape? As an adult, you can't get in trouble for dating a minor. You can get in trouble for having sex with one. If you or the minor performs oral sex, you can get arrested. Oral sex is still sex.

Since your genitals are usually involved then all sex is sex

wannabesinger 16

I think it's really a personal preference. I don't consider oral sex to be sex, and I thought myself a virgin until that penis was in me. As for the rape argument, oral sex is still a sexual act and if anything sexual is unwanted, it can be considered rape.

Llama_Face89 33

You don't lose your virginity by having oral sex do you? Doesn't qualify as having sex.

Two doctors I have had don't consider oral sex to be sex either. It all depends on the person.

So basically if you've had oral sex you've had sex before? So you tell that boy yeah I've had sex loads of times..... But not real sex. Because that boy finds out real quick you were still a virgin. There is a BIG difference. Oral sex is a sexual act. Not sex.

Anai08 17

I've never heard of a medical professional not consider oral sex to be sex. Oral sex, is definitely considered sex, at least for health purposes. You may not lose your virginity, but you sure as hell can get a lot of STD's (STI's now) from it. Either way, that the boyfriend took it upon himself to believe ANY kind of sexual activity with his girlfriend's sister is okay is despicable. And the sister's no better of a human being. How anyone could think OP deserves this is beyond me.

welandedonthemoo 5

Cheating is cheating. No matter how u look at it. If someone other than your partner is pleasing you. It's cheating.

bohacikbeth 3

Sex is sex

Is phone sex considered sex because it has the word sex in it? O.o

109, You need two new doctors.

Oh please. That 'technical virgin' crap is for people lying to themselves. If you've had anal sex, you are no longer a virgin. It's definitely sex, no matter what 'moral stand' you take on it.

Roguedork19 8

By taking part in any type of sexual intercourse, you lose your spiritual virginity. Physical virginity is usually lost (for girls) just by riding a bike.

137, Interesting...I cheat on my girlfriend all the time then. I cheat on her when someone pleases me by making me food (oh crap, I've cheated on her with my mother), any kind of massages, when I buy new clothes...oh the list goes on. In fact, I've cheated on every girl I've ever been with then! Oh well, don't hate the playa...

Actually it's technically called fellatio

Did 137 really need to make it "pleasing you sexually" to avoid smart ass replies like 267? You know what he meant. But how was your mom?

ShadowDhampire 3

You just defeated yourself in that argument as soon as you said it's still considered a sexual act.

pfx2_fml 15

Now that's finding a loop hole in the rules

That hole being her sisters mouth

coolbrony12 3

Loop HOLE :D

Well as long as he's not having sex

redmane 21

That sentence is redundant.

RedPillSucks 31

no. Loop Hole!!, not Loop Hoe.

At least you know he's got no integrity and is a cheating bastard now rather than later... Sorry OP

Well that sucks :P

There's a button for that.

Keliosan 6

Too bad there isn't one for the people that make stupid asshole comments like this...oh wait! *thumbs down*

No. They were humping, not sucking.

I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a pun. It sucked.

100- No, they were licking/sucking, that joke is just old. Who do YOU hump during oral sex?

MindFreakazoid 10

8- No, it's fan-freaking-tastic.

What I don't understand is how sisters can do that to each other. The boyfriend is clearly a jackass though.

DontClickOnMe 28

Right? I don't know if maybe it's because OP and her sister don't get along, but seriously, how can you do that to your own sister? It's crazy and I know I would never do something like that to my sisters.

beccaishereyay 11

I feel like its worse that they thought the could do it in the same house as OP and get away with it.

perdix 29

The sister needs to prove that she's the "Pretty One" by stealing any man attracted to her sister. She may think if he cheats with her, it means she is even more attractive than her sister. I know it's ****** up, but there are some girls who think that way.

worst thing is even if he is now an ex op probably won't look at her sister the same. I hope the sister is ashamed for a being a out right *****. and to those who think that's a bit harsh, she let her SISTERS boyfriend do that to her. she deserves a huge slap and him a flick of the balls.

40 - a flick seems a bit too soft on him, I'd personally get him castrated ;)

hotPinklipstick 24

I agree. I could never do that to my sister. That's beyond ****** up. Honestly I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy. It talks a very heartless person to enter in any relations with someone they know is in a relationship. If that were my sister I would lose all trust/respect for her. I'm sorry OP but your sister is an extreme ***** bitch. Also in my opinion regardless what you said, he shouldn't stoop to that level just to 'prove a point'. He is a prick that deserves to be kick repeatedly in the nuts.

I agree that this was a pretty scummy thing for OP's sister to do, whatever her motivations might have been.

You agree then, eating isn't cheating.

He sound like a real keeper. Sorry OP you deserve better and your sisters a bitch.