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Today, my girlfriend discovered subliminal messaging. She thought that whispering, "You want to shave your beard" under her breath while I'm not looking at her, then denying ever saying it, would eventually make me shave my alleged upper-lip hair FML
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That would be called a mustache.she doesn't know the difference and doesn't appreciate it? Tell her to GTFO!

I'd listen to her before she paints over your van.


That would be called a mustache.she doesn't know the difference and doesn't appreciate it? Tell her to GTFO!

Come OP, I'll point you the direction of Ke$ha...

caitlinbblack 14

Maybe op is a female. And didn't want to call it a mustache.?

I would be like when you shave your chest hair first out loud

Dude! Give her a break... She is from Greece! English isn't her first language!

OP is female, in case you didn't notice. Last I remember, women who are into that don't go for other women that are hairy...

I'd listen to her before she paints over your van.

zed34 18

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In #3's defense, I didn't notice that OP was a girl until you pointed it out

I checked the gender after i read 'alleged upper lip hair'.

rdenkewicz 11

Look at the sex! She's a girl dumbass

We've covered that, #28. It's time to move on.

caitlinbblack 14

How do you see someone's gender.? I can't click on anything

in the app, it appears as a male or female symbol in the upper-left corner. in the website, it appears below the FML: ... by username (woman). more on topic: lesbian couple? I've seen cases where the FML information isn't correct, might have been a mistake or a misclick. but assuming it wasn't... I think you should listen to your girlfriend and shave. facial hair is not very nice on a woman.

And for #65: No, it really isn't that attractive when her mustache is better than mine. Also, even as a guy, I hate my facial hair. It plain sucks.

@103 Can't call yourself a man without at least a little facial hair.

dstamm2 10

It's not her it's your conscious

My conscious does the same thing. And it sounds strangely similar to my wife. Weird.

she should do that while you're sleeping. I used to tell my little brother that he was Spiderman and watch him imitate Spiderman in his sleep.

One time at a sleepover when I was younger I just totally ****** with my friend's dreams since he was exhausted and fell asleep minutes after waking up. It's hilarious to watch someone start "running" sideways while asleep after saying some stuff involving nukes.

How does a man shave his beard? He doesn't. A man doesn't shave his beard!

guiltnazan 23

The original poster was a female

imonkeyface 9

First, it's actually an "alleged" mustache, not beard, and second, OP is female.

Female or not, his point remains. A man does not shave his beard!

rdenkewicz 11

To bad she's a girl. Look at the sex.

Sorry I didn't look at the gender. I saw girlfriend so I just assumed it was a male.

cottoncandymango 17

Perhaps she meant to mustache you a question so she could shave it for later.

That was horribly placed. It doesn't even make sense

thatgirlincali 13
thatgirlincali 13

Dumbest joke I've ever made sorry

Wizardo 33

Well she may not be talking about your lips 'upstairs' if you know what I mean...

It's not like OP specified that she was talking about her 'upper-lip' hair...

Wizardo 33

Exactly that's why I was hinting that her girlfriend wants her to shave her 'beard', but this 'beard' maybe somewhere else on her body, hint hint. Again my wording fails me.

37 was being sarcastic because OP DID specifically say "upper-lip hair"

To be fair, Wizardo could still be right. OP has assumed her gf was talking about upper lip hair but the gf didn't actually say that, she just said beard. So, although the chances are slim, what Wizardo said is still possible.

Well would you do it if she asked you nicely?