By Nick Pat - 30/09/2015 13:13

Today, I took my dad out shopping. I managed to pull into a really cramped parking spot and said, "Man, that was a tight squeeze." My dad then looked me in the eyes and said, "So was your mom." FML
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Some say OP is still cringing to this very day...

On the bright side, he didn't say " so was your sister."


Some say OP is still cringing to this very day...

mds9986 24

Legend has it that OP's face cringed so hard it collapsed into itself, creating a wormhole to another galaxy.

The legends are true: to this day, I'm still cringing at the memories, although 'Cringe' MAY BE a bit of an understatement here... Hi everyone, OP here. I had to create an account to start replying. This had actually happened several weeks ago, and I had tried so very, VERY hard to block out the memory of this event. The trauma only came back recently when I had heard someone use the phrase 'tight squeeze'. So I felt the need to assuage this emotional pain by sharing it on here. Sort of like a group therapy session really.... Anyways love your comments! Pretty funny stuff!

A little awkward?!?! More like a shit ton of awkward. But I couldn't agree more with you, that's for sure!

That's just a little too much information..

Some people just don't think before they talk...

He clearly thought about it. He wanted to see her reaction! Hopefully he's on FML.

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As a parent I see how he could think it was funny to say but, I would be absolutely mortified if my dad said that to me. Sorry you can't unhear it!