By Dammit... - 20/11/2010 02:45 - United States

Today, my mom told my dad to get me extra absorbent pads, very loudly, in a crowded mall. FML
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Like anyone around you would care about the pads you use.

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at least she is showing concern? :D haha embarrasing


Lmfao I don't care, I'm just happy it finally happened (:

You couldn't think of anything to say about the post? All you cared about was bring first? Kinda wasted your first first.

Here: Sorry OP, inwould be embarrassed too. Happy? I know I am.

Also, I'll admit it is obnoxious and annoying when people say first, but I couldn't help it :(

Well, technically, you're not the first person to cry out, "FIRST!" so in that sense, you fail at being the first to say, "first".

yes Emma I am so happy I could shart myself

think that through, its really sad what makes you happy and for the OP; chances are that you will never meet any of the people that heard again, and if you do, its not like they will remember

ive never been first :/ what should i say my first first? fafpa

Wow @15. I meant I was the first to comment on this post. Common sense.

Nobody gives a flying **** if you posted first. Common sense.

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Oh look my comment had been moderated hahaha(: lmao ohh well x)

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Obviously you do, hence you're still here.

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I'm pretty sure you used "hence" wrong, Kid. Try reading a book before you go somewhere trying to seem intelligent.

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Thanks, 13! All fixed! Good catch. :-)

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Hahaha 26, and 38 made my day both of you are pure win :D

its things like this that make me glad im adopted....but really im not...or am i?

you aren't, no one would care enough to adopt you.

Like anyone around you would care about the pads you use.

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Exactly. Why would anyone care if random strangers heard, who you'll never see again.

Yup. This person's life is average :]

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Simply the fact of embarrassment, just like when guys buy condoms, if you will.

I think buying condoms would be more embarrassing though.

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this is why I never care about what people say

I had a girlfriend who said the sweetest thing I did for her was buy pads for her. She said it was because it's so embarrassing, but I don't see what's so embarrassing about it.

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at least she is showing concern? :D haha embarrasing

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I think it's more a **** your dads life.


she uses pads? how disgusting! she's some kind of bloody monster!

yeah, every civilized woman uses tampons....

Awe that sucks ! but why wouldn't u go and get them yourself ... ?

It's not really that big of a deal. Unless you're really young still. Once you're even a bit older, no one really cares.

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maybe they will absorb what your mom said so no one would hear?

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That's embarrassing but it's not too bad.