By Anonymous - / Thursday 16 September 2010 07:04 / United States
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  zerobahamut03  |  2

don't worry OP i gotten pocket dialed before. its actually kind of funny when you can hear them talking having their own conversation. as you're on the other line screaming trying to get their attention and they don't hear you haha. actually kind of reminds of "honey, i shrunk the kids" lol. you know?...when they are little and no one can hear them?.... >.

  BoyBeyond  |  0

@4 I agree just call her up and ask her out. Seriously or text her when u guys text. Just say something like hey how you doing and just say i really like to go out with you sometime. And mention a place you would like to take her most likely some place you know she would be interested in and see what she says.

  stephanie0613  |  0

hahah i love family guy . nd well sorry op i hate getting booty calls or even booty calling people haha . well hey look on the bright side atleast you have her numberr :))

  FFML_314  |  11

I do /not/ appreciate all of the notifications and thread-jacks off my post that do not pertain to my comment.
The ones that do, thank you.
Here's a sticker.
The rest of you, prepare for the hose!

  Mehness  |  0

14 - You do realize what booty-calls are and what you just said, right? Please tell me I'm right, I die a little inside every time I see a complete idiot on fml -__-

  stephanie0613  |  0

148 i do know what booty calls are and im sorry because im not one of thos complete idiots. I just say booty calls because i usually have the phone in my back pocket and when i sit down or something i call people on accident. DUMBASS. so before you want to call me an idiot ask me why i refer to it as bootycall. Thank you.

  Ryan55  |  0

nono, you don't understand. Pessimistic OP's crush didn't INTENTIONALLY call him, therefore, his life is f'ed, because now, even tho she txts him and has his number, so it's not like she hates him, because of one accident on her part, he'll never get the girl.

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