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Today, I got a call from this girl I really like. Surprised, as I never get anything other than a text from her, I answered. All I heard were rustling sounds. She had pocket dialed me. FML
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FFML_314 11

Did you get really excited and then go "awww" like Peter Griffin?

oh wow...I bet you're the only person that's ever happened to in the history of cell phones.


oh well. then dude you might as well ask her out already.

lol pocket dialing... I never fully understood how it's done. you lean, somehow pick that person and riiiing.

ilovenerds_ 1

Naaah. She just wanted attention. ****.

zerobahamut03 2

don't worry OP i gotten pocket dialed before. its actually kind of funny when you can hear them talking having their own conversation. as you're on the other line screaming trying to get their attention and they don't hear you haha. actually kind of reminds of "honey, i shrunk the kids" lol. you know?...when they are little and no one can hear them?.... >.

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haha fyl maybe u got ass dialed OP n that's a plus!

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@4 I agree just call her up and ask her out. Seriously or text her when u guys text. Just say something like hey how you doing and just say i really like to go out with you sometime. And mention a place you would like to take her most likely some place you know she would be interested in and see what she says.

FFML_314 11

Did you get really excited and then go "awww" like Peter Griffin?

Tikwichka 5

But this was from the girl he liked! Can you not see how awful this is? His life is over!

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hahah i love family guy . nd well sorry op i hate getting booty calls or even booty calling people haha . well hey look on the bright side atleast you have her numberr :))

Family guy FTW! Don't worry OP, don't give up yet.


I once pocket dialed my aunt and she was freaked out because it was at 6 in the morning and I wouldn't answer her.

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I don't see the fml. just call her back! say you missed the call and talk to her for a while!

that's sweet. shr saved u as speed dial!!

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"A degenerate am I? Well you are a festijio! See? I can make up words too sister!" Family guy does have its moments :)

Be a man and call her! Tell her you  her and you want to take your relationship to the next level! Don't be a 

bubblzz 4

i have never pocket dialed anyone but i know people that have:) it depends on the phone make.. i guess

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poor OP #40 nice peace symbol too

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at least you even talk to the girl you like. a lot of people dont even know them. stop complaining.

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I do /not/ appreciate all of the notifications and thread-jacks off my post that do not pertain to my comment. The ones that do, thank you. Here's a sticker. The rest of you, prepare for the hose!

*prepares the hose* ... Oh, wait. Did you mean me or pendatik?

jester613 2

how is this an FML? grow up and get some real problems.

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You Jane. You are my resident hoser. Orgy, follow me please.

Heh. I actually used to have the nickname "Momma Hosebag." I don't recommend looking into the UD definition of that one— it's a long, strange story. ;)

FFML_314 11

Haha, you do realize that I will have to look up the definition now?

14 - You do realize what booty-calls are and what you just said, right? Please tell me I'm right, I die a little inside every time I see a complete idiot on fml -__-

stephanie0613 0

148 i do know what booty calls are and im sorry because im not one of thos complete idiots. I just say booty calls because i usually have the phone in my back pocket and when i sit down or something i call people on accident. DUMBASS. so before you want to call me an idiot ask me why i refer to it as bootycall. Thank you.

Wait, FFML_314? Isn't that Anna? One of the worse thread jackers ever back in the day? xD 148, 163, get a sense of humor, please.

FFML_314 11

Yes and I still am a major thread jacker. That hasn't changed. :) Also, I was teasing them.

FFML_314 11

Are you going to finish your sentence, OrganisedChaos?

Aha, okay. It's been months since I've been on. I thought you were serious. I was like woooow, things have changed.

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booty calls..! that's a new one, all I've heard was picket dialing or butt dialing. I'll be using that one in the near future!

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180, please find out what "booty call" actually means before you use that phrase. It is NOT the same as butt-dialing.


yah my crush called me and I didn't answer but then I called him back and we talked for 2 hours! now he's my bf! :)

leadrunner751 3

this has happened to me more times than I can count. fyl I hate when that happens

Hgielad_720 0

Oh wow, your life is soo effed. Haha :)

I wonder who she was skroggin' at the time? o.O Maybe your bestfriend? :O

amnesiasparkles 0

hahahaha skroggin?? lol nice one

CaptainCommenter 6

"skroggin'"? With her pants on?

oh wow...I bet you're the only person that's ever happened to in the history of cell phones.

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JoHan55_fml 7

nono, you don't understand. Pessimistic OP's crush didn't INTENTIONALLY call him, therefore, his life is f'ed, because now, even tho she txts him and has his number, so it's not like she hates him, because of one accident on her part, he'll never get the girl.

jeffreybean 3

pretty sure she was having sex with someone else

aw. got your hopes up over nothing, eh? it's happened to tons of people, anyway, so not worth a FML

maybe if she thought of you as a funner person she would want to call you. try and entertain her. women like to be excited