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Today, I was at a house delivering pizza. As I walked away, I heard the mom mutter to her child, "That's why you go to college." FML
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haha how old are you OP? If you're in high school pizza delivery isn't a bad job

That was very presumptuous of her. I know a few people who actually paid for college by delivering pizzas...what's to say that OP isn't doing that as well? Even if she's not, it was still impolite of the woman to say that while OP was in earshot.


Well, it's true isnt it?! You go to college so you get a good job and don't get stuck delivering pizzas.

no you go to college so you don't have to be that guy on the side of the road holding the 'slow' sign.

Yeah that's not true anymore. Now you go to college to drown yourself in thousands of dollars in debt, and after graduation, you have no choice but to either get a crappy minimum wage job (because you don't have enough work experience), or sink yourself into even more debt by going to grad school. Ok, bitter college grad is leaving now.

Not necessarily. I know several people with a college degree working for jobs you lot minuscule like a taxi driver, Subway restaurant worker, convenience store sales clerk. The key to getting rich is an invention. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (creators of Microsoft and Apple respectively) never went to college. In fact, Bill Gates dropped out of high school and Steve Jobs randomly walked into college classes and sat down. They both took advantage of free knowledge, something the poor don't do.

college dosent gurantee you anything. i dropped outa college, and now working at a pretty good job wit multiple career paths. i got many friends who graduated 4yrs of college who are workin in restaurants or retail. Oh and BTW, i used to deliver pizza and sometimes do everyonce in awhile

u could be delivering pizzas while in college to help pay as well

How come 1's comment isn't modded yet? xD I'm actually amazed.

Op, get over it! Females aren't cut out for real jobs anyway! What were you doing out of the kitchen? and driving?! Shame on you, I want sammies!

Sean, how are you still single? It's hard to believe the girls aren't lining up, trying to bang down your door!(:

I just obtained a law degree from University of Arizona and am currently working as a paralegal for a law firm in Phoenix and bartending on the weekends and would STILL consider delivering pizzas for some extra cash. The stay-at-home mom that said that probably doesn't even have a job.

I know, right?!

That's Why You spit in their Food

Are you kidding me? Bill Gates dropped out of HARVARD his junior year to develop Microsoft and the personal computer. Steve Jobs went to Reed College. Research before you make false statements.

#83 and it's true the certificates are getting useless

hey I like pizza. and a jobs a job. I'm in college getting ready to graduate and I'm afraid I'm going to end up in one of these jobs. but I'm also going to grad school so it's not so bad. but even if I wasn't it's still a job.

I'm not graduating for another 6 months but I already have a well paying job in my field already lined up. YMMV.

Cmon Gates invented how to buy an OS from a random guy and Jobs invented how to get money off the stupid but spoiled part of the population

haha how old are you OP? If you're in high school pizza delivery isn't a bad job

yep it's an honest job

there are worse jobs... im 15 so i cant do much but i had a job once cleaning cages at a kennel which sucked

you people don't realize delivering pizza, at least where I'm at, is a pretty good job normally I make between 600 to 800 a week depending on the tips so fuck off if your hating on pizza drivers, plus in this economy it's really hard to find a really good paying job and op FYL next time the woman orders do something to her food people always forget-Don't fuck with the people who handle your food just because you might have a better paying job doesn't give you the right to disrespect the people who work in the food industry

bravo to 85 I've never worked in device industries but I have worked in a furniture factory and it's hard shit I respect anybody that is doing something with there life(that is capable) rather than doing nothing and living off the goverment( not capable includes people that are looking but can't find I am revering specifically to the people that just don't)

I have an associate's degree and I'm delivering pizzas while I work on my bachelor's degree :)

im not allowed to work with food untill im 16 haha but in NY you cant even get a permit when your 15 >.<

you wouldn't be able to work at Dominos where I live till you are 18.

aww maybe go to collage? (;

Yes go to a collage, like a nice collage of photos and random pictures. Appreciate some art! Unless you think she should go to COLLEGE...that's an entirely different story

It looks to me as though #3 likes cats and dogs, but doesn't like books.

I mean college(; haha

Why are you winking? Are you trying to seduce me!? Well I'll tell you something, it's NOT going to work...ok, maybe it will.

hahaha #44 that made me laugh xD

#46 you don't have a college degree do you?

We got a real observant guy here.

Or a middle school degree... Well, maybe. I'm in middle school, and I have a friend who winks, smiles, or giggles in every text or IM. It gets old.

Doesn't she have a good point? Unless of course this is a part-time job while you GO to college... But come on, are parents supposed to encourage their children to be pizza boys?? Seriously?

She could have waited until he left or was out of earshot to say something

Really? Ya think?? I kinda figured that goes without saying.

it doesn't go without saying... I know lots of pizza delivery guys with their 4 year degree... the economy blows... & it blows when you went to college and are still stuck delivering pizzas

and you didn't go..? :(

That was very presumptuous of her. I know a few people who actually paid for college by delivering pizzas...what's to say that OP isn't doing that as well? Even if she's not, it was still impolite of the woman to say that while OP was in earshot.

ok just from ur picture I can tell ur a lesbian


oooh harsh.

Seriously? This got you upset? I've been to other websites where customers have said the same thing and the person they said it to would just laugh and tell them why what they said was stupid. And here you are, crying about it.