By insomnitude - 05/03/2011 06:55 - United States

Today, I got mugged by a midget. FML
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So would you say you're short on cash now?

perdix 29

Did he point the gun at you and say, "Stick 'em down?"


So would you say you're short on cash now?

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Agreed xD

EDIT : wrong place

hahaha great pun!!!

haha nice1 (:

Moo_Horse 0

clap clap clap

Yet it's short on plot.

bman134 0

you sir win

kingtz 6

#1 wins!

should have gave him monopoly money

rd_404 0

haha funniest commet on one of the funniest fmls

#1 must be taking charlie sheen - winning!

Best comment ever.

righteous bust # 1 lmfaooooo

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ba dum tssss trollface.jpg

Geeze this is a short FML

106- deadmau5 FTW!!

it's a small world

You guys must be pretty easily amused.

I'd say the midget made short work of him.

- 1 pwns all comments ;D

schealey 0

So much win.

You should have taken his pit of gold

perdix 29

Did he point the gun at you and say, "Stick 'em down?"

You just took the smile off my face from #1. >.<

hey,, midgets can mug people too

The correct term is little people.

Thank you Dennis :3

WillDaBeast83 0

I'll call them midgets if I feel like it

Morenna4 0

YDI for underestimating midgets aha .

they are called little people, b***h!

Moo_Horse 0

omg nice

abasio 1

I can't imagine a more insulting term than "little people"; that's just wrong on so many levels. At leat midget is more of a technical thing and doesn't sound like something from a fantasy novel.

I agree with #72. Whatever word is used will eventually develop the same negative connotation and have to be replaced with some other generic term. I'd much rather be a "midget" than a "little person" or "dwarf". Little people always makes me think of leprechauns or children. At least "midget" doesn't sound twee and cutesy.

Altosax 4

I agree with 77, though a midget and a dwarf are two different things.

all4pooh 4

Actually they prefer to be called 'little people'

77, do u play World Of Warcraft? cuz I'm pretty sure that's the only place there is a difference

The legal height for someone under the height of 4'8'' and over the age of 18 is midget. A dwarf is someone with abnormally small limbs (i.e.-arms and legs) and torso and a regularly sized head. No, the correct term is NOT little people.

I think the correct term is "fun size"

xkiwixqueenx 0

You know them all? Yeah I didn't think so. Maybe you think a majority of them like being called one over the other, but probably not all.

supernerd352 7

im a dwarf... in world of warcraft :/

72: I'm a little person. all of my 'little' friends prefer little people. Speak for yourself, the 'M' word is very insulting.

Omg and midgets and dwarfs are the same thing... just different words. honestly.

WillDaBeast83 0

I'll call a midget whatever I feel like.

Awesome, go fck yourself

jaybay13 0

My sister is a LITTLE PERSON and it is not offensive neither is the word dwarf. The M word is extremely offensive so obviously you don't know anything.

zacharytk72 5


Gondile 4

Trap the midget in a guitar case.

is that even possible?

u got mugged by an oompa loompa!?? FYL.

LMAO, it was probably Snooki. :P

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