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  abasio  |  1

I can't imagine a more insulting term than "little people"; that's just wrong on so many levels. At leat midget is more of a technical thing and doesn't sound like something from a fantasy novel.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I agree with #72. Whatever word is used will eventually develop the same negative connotation and have to be replaced with some other generic term.

I'd much rather be a "midget" than a "little person" or "dwarf". Little people always makes me think of leprechauns or children.

At least "midget" doesn't sound twee and cutesy.

  jayfish7  |  0

The legal height for someone under the height of 4'8'' and over the age of 18 is midget. A dwarf is someone with abnormally small limbs (i.e.-arms and legs) and torso and a regularly sized head. No, the correct term is NOT little people.

  jaybay13  |  0

My sister is a LITTLE PERSON and it is not offensive neither is the word dwarf. The M word is extremely offensive so obviously you don't know anything.