By mom - 26/01/2014 04:29 - United States - Spring

Today, while driving home, my 3-year-old daughter told me she had to poop. I told her that she would have to wait until we got home. When we got home, she pulled down her pants and shat on the floor, because, "I'm home now." FML
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that really sucks. unfortunately small children can be rather literal!


DenBriZel 31

Yeah, at least she listened. Gotta give her credit for that. Though you could've been a little more specific.

It's potty time! Can't hold it! Can't hold it!

nightowl713 25

From experience, while potty training, when a small child says they have to go, they have to go right then. OP should have tried to find a spot to stop.

We don't know that she's still potty training. My nephew turned 3 a few weeks ago and has been potty trained for months now, and wouldn't even think about ******** on the floor even if he was desperate. If a child can't hold it generally ends up in their pants, it implies some form of conscious deliberate action to pull down her pants and shit on the floor. Parents know their children, she wouldn't have said wait till we get home if she thought she wouldn't be able to hold it, and she clearly could, but chose not to once they were home. I will never understand this automatic reaction to excuse small children for everything they do just because they're young, and then put some form of unnecessary blame on the parents. A 3 year old knows right from wrong, sometimes kids are just assholes!

buttcramp 21

Sometimes you need to be super literal with kids. This does suck though, OP. Next time say "well please try and hold it until we get home so you can use the bathroom there"

she was home, you should have taken her from her car seat right to the bathroom. Also I guessing she "shit" on the floor, shat is a fart with shit you didnt expect, if you're using it to avoid saying shit, youre an idiot. YDI

#84: She used the word 'shat' correctly. What you are referring to is a SHART, as in combining the words shit and fart. Way to call someone else an idiot and end up making yourself look like one. Smh.

Dealing with toddlers myself, i can understand, but just saying using the bathroom to a 3 yr old, doesn't mean they will understand that means in the toilet. I ask my 2 yr. old if she used the bathroom, which means did she pee or poop in her diaper.

that really sucks. unfortunately small children can be rather literal!

I am not doing this to be a dick, but the missing comma in this made me laugh so hard. I saw a child, that was too small to do anything... When you read the comment again, just picture that unfortunately small child attempting daily tasks. That is all.

I was gonna say if the daughter has Asperger Syndrome, I certainly would have at least considered the literal meaning as a kid, even if I knew what she meant.

Shit happens, especially when toddlers are involved. Time to remind her of her diaper days and hopefully she'll smarten up.

Too true. My mom used diaper punishment on me when I was younger and it worked very well.

No my gosh. Well children are taught to follow the exact rules you give them.

Yes but even children can take the piss sometimes. Or in this case takeba shit.

I feel like at 3 she would know better, unless you didn't potty train her properly.

Kids that age don't know any better and this has nothing to do with bad potty training. Kids that age can be quite literal and their train of thought works different.

My son just turned three and he knows not to poop on the floor... when we say wait until we get home. He goes to the bathroom when we get home.

That's good for you but some kids aren't at that level. Each child learns in different ways and comprehends things differently. OPs child just has a literal mind

twelve_oh_seven 11

A 3 year old also is going to take stuff literally.. Please don't reproduce you'll be too harsh on them smh

iLike2Teabag 27

Should have been a little more precise..