By monquiqui - 04/07/2011 05:45 - United States

Today, I had to drive my drunk parents home from a party. They leaned out the window and barked at everyone we passed all the way home. FML
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your parents are a win.

your lucky all my mom and dad do is purr and meow


your parents are a win.

more like an epic win! :)

My friends just yell at people for fun when go go driving around (water balloons are fun also)

flawedgenius 6

epic win? yes in an embarrassing fail/I'm ashamed of my parents kind of way...

don't worry op ! my rents do the same thing LOL

blanquito 1

They don't understand the concept of doggystyle.

one day when I'm a parent, I plan to be like yours, embrace it op, you could have ended up with worse...

drop them off at the dog pound so they learn their lesson? or bring them home and put them in a dog cage

ibitehard 9

Lol I bark at people from my car completely sober, they get soooo scared XD

Prolly 'cause you're fat.

lmao 71 usually I'd tell you how much of an ass comment that is... but that caught me off guard so I couldn't help but laugh lol

ha. there your bitches now...

they're * stupid iPod..

lolwutsameme 0

Absolutely barking mad!

At least they didn't go wee wee wee allthe way home.

zendaddy0 0

I'm guessing driving really fast next to a stop sign is out of the question?

turkishjew 0

C-c-c-c-c Combo Breaker

athena3100 9

i love ur parents!

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, in my experiences when parental's age some what mirrors their drunken I.q. tend to be pretty awesome...

"Did somebody say Scooby snacks? Zoinks Scoob!"

whybother8 0

your parents are the best! you should've joined them.

kitarakya 0

i barked at a dog the other day. i was sober though.....

your lucky all my mom and dad do is purr and meow

you should've joined them... don't be a party pooper

laurbear12 3

ya definitely before driving

And just leave the car to drive itself home.

I'm sure she meant barking but ok..

37- In Soviet Russia, the car drives you, so technically if they were in Russia, the whole family can bark out the window :P

I meant she should bark too and join in... retards!I meant she should bark too and join in... retards!

someone needs a shock collar... (;

who let the dogs out??!!!!!!! woof woof who who WHO???

raebeglan 7

i feel your pain.. and it sucks having to be the mature one all the time ... I don't think you were a party pooper

ImaWiseGuy 5

but if your parents can't be drunk and immature in front of you who can they then?^

hardcoreFML4223 0

no one cares

Nobody cares that you don't care. Other then me, stating this obvious fact. Irony? Maybe. Stupidity? Possibly.

You! sound like the party pooper his parents just don't gv a fck and enjoy their lives.

i wish my parents were that fun

did your tongue piercing hurt a lot? annnd how much was it?

$15.96 plus s&h.(:

A Spanish chick from Canada eh?

Way to be a creeper #101... even I don't do that. And boy, am I creepy...

Are these the other dogs that your great grandmother was talking about?

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

y so serious? o.0