By Anonymous - 07/01/2011 08:03 - United States

Today, I got diarrhea while on a trip with my daughters. At our third stop, I had to sit in the stall listening to my 5 year-old informing everyone who came in that "mommy is stopping at EVERY bathroom to poop." FML
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lmao kids are just funny . but fyl for that I'd be si embarrassed

they are strangers and they can't see you


lmao kids are just funny . but fyl for that I'd be si embarrassed

the walk of shame must have been nice

Man, OP, what a shitty situation. Traveler's diarrhea is no laughing matter.

ye.. traveller's diarhea... with bad stalls on the side of the road.... that are always full of people, and so damn dirty.... ugh :(

they are strangers and they can't see you

it happens to us all. at least ur not shitting your pants. an u will never see these people again. an this is the point where u bring the kid in the stall an make it look like it's her

Why make the child suffer in a chamber of noxious gas?

And each time, your 8-year-old added, "Actually, it's explosive diarrhea!"

Not too sure why you would leave your five year old outside of the stall to begin with that's just asking for her to wander off or get picked up by a stranger haha.

well it's a but cruel to gave her in the stall with you while you're dropping a wet shit, don't ya think?

Yeah, 'cause that's fucking hilarious.

megmm Is right your never going to see them again. I wear pink bbal shoes and don't care what people think cause I'm not going to see them again (I'm not gay).

get checked out by a doc, girls arent suppose to poop!!! this could be serious!!!

Maybe you should try teaching your kids not to talk to strangers. Ydi


birth control

I think it's a bit late for that.

kids say the darndest things at your expense