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By All a hoax - 25/10/2020 20:05 - Netherlands - Utrecht

Today, my boss still won't believe in climate change, and won't do anything to reduce our carbon footprint. FML
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theyellowgoose 3

first off, it isn't your company. you have two choices. 1)do the job your paid to do or 2)work for a company that cares

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is 417 ppm, and has been going up by about 2 ppm per year. Human burning of fossil fuels creates 4 ppm per year now. In all of human history, the level has been between 180 and 280 ppm. Climate change is a reality, even if weather events are only suggestive.


Quit and go to a company where they acknowledge the scientific fact of human-caused climate change. Let your old boss staff up his company with idiot goobers who corruptly deny the truth.

theyellowgoose 3

first off, it isn't your company. you have two choices. 1)do the job your paid to do or 2)work for a company that cares

Would you be willing to take a paycut so he can add solar panels, update his building to green standards, change all company vehicles to electric, purchase carbon credits, purchase equipment and products from "green" companies? How about you spend some time offering green solution that can save him money.

Yeah until green initiatives are somehow cheaper than poisoning the environment, it's a tough sell.

every 10 years the loony left comes with something new that will destroy us all. the brainless worry about it... those that can think and reason tend to build companies so that the worriers can pay the rent in their trailer.

However, these same companies: - Poisoned rivers and lakes with their industry such that, to this day, we can't eat a couple fish out of them without risking mercury poisoning - Flooded the air with pesticides that nearly killed all bald eagles, a symbol of the nation. - Allowed thousands of people to work with asbestos, among other things, known to cause cancer/premature death. Sometimes we need to acknowledge that government needs to step in where business is incapable or unwilling to self-govern.

What are you doing to curb climate change? It's not down to your boss but you and every other employee. Having been in office environment I know most people just take the piss so much that I want to punch them.

rick 9

As humans there is nothing we can do to affect climate change It has been going on for millions of years. Hot periods then cold ones

there is definitely something we can do to reduce the effects - the world/scientists havent just come together to make sure the global temp doesnt rise above 1 or 2 degrees. as otherwise part of the world will be uninhabitable.. And the good news is EVERYONE can help with this: 1. use less tech (we are buying more and more gadgets which uses up electricity = CO2, and those techs use up earths resources) 2. turn off things when you are not using (from TVs, to microwaves, lights etc) - every little help 3. in an office setting we leave on lights/monitors/pcs after office closes which is a very bad WASTE of electricity.. (same with SHOPS / govt buildings etc)