Great first day

By TordNorski - 03/10/2015 02:44 - United States - Rancho Santa Margarita

Today, I started a new job at a family owned business. About ten minutes into training, the mother and father started an argument that ended in each of them storming off, demanding a divorce. FML
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you still have a job right?

...and the newly opened CEO position to the new intern?! This is your golden ticket, OP!


you still have a job right?

All I want to know is who won the fight?

and take their side.

The person should date the opposite sex ( or whatever they are into) and then maybe he/she will become a part owner

Wow, that escalated quite quickly... Hopefully they calm down and resolve things.

Symantha23 25

Wow!! Sounds like one heck of a fight! Who won??

Obviously the mother

You probably can't refer to it as a family run business now...

...and the newly opened CEO position to the new intern?! This is your golden ticket, OP!

This sounds like the situation where the wife always wins.

That's how the legal system in America works, usually.

addioty 19

I know that's supposed to be a joke, 18, however that's not the case anymore. Women get custody a lot more because it's an agreement between the man and woman. So many divorce cases are settled out of court. My dad is a divorce lawyer and only got partial custody because they both agreed out of court that it would be best for my mom to take care of us and him to get us every other weekend which allowed him to work his job. A lot of guys spew this but don't understand what happens. It's illegal to give preference to the wife for custody just because she's a woman.

That's a true example of bad luck, your life does suck

RedPillSucks 31

Thats more of an F their lives

Sounds like a job opening at your work and in her bedroom. I see a "promotion" in your future.