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How rude of him not to put up a slippery when shit sign.

Sounds like a shitty day.


How rude of him not to put up a slippery when shit sign.

Well he went to the bathroom, he just forgot to tell you where!

Sounds like a shitty day.

Sounds like a ... wait on it... scatalogical circumstance! Nah, not as good as the forbidden phrase!

Good boy! Hes got the right idea. Oh wait, it's a human being.

With kids, there is always a good side. This being, you did not raise a liar. He may have not told you the whole story, but it doesn't matter, because you didn't ask. Hopefully nothing serious happened from the fall lol

On the bright side, the child is already learning to omit the full truth for personal gain. He will be a great businessman someday.

Is there anything worse than being knocked out by a turd?

Being knocked out and landing face-down in said turd.

Don’t be mad at your son. Shit happens.

A very important lesson you can teach your son is to look where he is going. And good on him for going to the bathroom on his own. Now next time it may be on the loo (considering he probably doesn't have his own potty and it was a bit too high for him to get on himself)