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By sugarbeet - 04/12/2011 01:39 - United States

Today, I was at my job as a bartender where I had to listen to a 40-something man with no legs drunkenly explain just how much he loves nipples. FML
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Just go with it, poor man has no legs and he's drinking his sorrows away :/

Hey it's the fisherman dude from family guy!


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It is Americas favorite pastime

This can't be the truth, there's only a small percentage of Americans who are male, 40 something, and lack both legs. We're talking the pastime of a very, and I mean VERY small demographic.

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Sigh. Nipples are America's favourite pastime. Not lack of legs. just because he doesn't have any legs, doesn't mean he can't like nipples like other people D:

19- Everyone from Minnesota is a veteran. We have to survive those cheeseheads from Wisconsin. It's not an easy task.

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As a bartender you better get used to it. That's going to be the least of your random customer conversations.

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There is not enough lube in America to contain my happiness of hearing this FML

America's favorite pastime is either eating or masterbating.

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So it's even worse because he has no legs? God, I can't imagine what your life would've been like if he'd only had one eye as well.

Why does the man having no legs have anything to do with this FML?

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bacon1043 3

I meant like an actual medical procedure

You got even more downvotes when you tried to redeem yourself. I'd suggest not trying again.

Pointing it out didn't do you much good either so far, best to let him just wallow in his downvotes.

Dave, let Bacon wallow in the mess he created. Leave him be.

This whole thread is being thumbed down. Maybe if I say something clever, and unrelated to the other people drawing attention to the other's obvious mistakes, I won't be voted down.......?

Just go with it, poor man has no legs and he's drinking his sorrows away :/

Does having no legs make it YOUR FML? quit being a botch and respect the man

87- it's actually Lieutenant Dan tyvm... :/

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? well who doesn't love nipples ?

He's sounds nice, then..BAM! He's talking about your nipples

But he wasn't talking about OP's nipples, just nipples in general. Nipples are great. OP, you could've ended the conversation, changed the subject, or walked away. Nothing compels a bartender to listen to crap except for money. If the drunken rambler is a heavy tipper, you can excuse yourself "to take care of other customers" then come back a while later with a different topic to discuss.

Hey it's the fisherman dude from family guy!

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I brought you ice cream lieutenant Dan...iiiiccceee creeeaaam

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65- interesting you should say that. I just saw Gary Sinese (Lieutenant Dan) narrating at the Candlelight performance at Disneyland!

Unfortunately, this comes with the job.

Dude, don't judge. Nipples are AWESOME.

Nipples aren't the half of it. Boobies are really what turn you on.

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at least he wasn't talking about how much he loves feet... ps: who the hell votes this as a YDI?

People who think it comes with the job to listen to nonsense stories. If you don't want to listen to drunken gibberish, don't become a bartender.

People who vote YDI think "gee, she works at a bar so she wears skimpy revealing clothing to garnish higher tips, which consequently gives this poor paraplegic the idea that it's okay to talk about her nipples, because 'she's practically doing a Brazilian tassel dance for me with them anyway.'" I will concede that I have never been to a bar where the women bartenders were prudently dressed however. Do the Amish have bars?

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I voted this YDI because of her mentioning his legs.. Made her sound shallow because his legs didn't have anything to do with the rest of the FML

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It'sa description.........she mentioned his age but that didn't have anything to do with it.....