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Still worth the same , even covered in poop!!

16- they technically only lost $100 :P


Still worth the same , even covered in poop!!

Indeed #1. It would be a miracle if she actually found the earring tho...

I think op deserves it for spending 200 dollars on earrings. :/

#9 - Nah. It's a "Shitty" thing for someone to lose $200, no matter how much they spend on earrings.

16- they technically only lost $100 :P

Meh...good point. Time to go back to elementary school.

I agree 16. No matter what you spend that kind of money on, it would suck to loose it. :)

I think OP deserves it for going to sleep with expensive earrings on..not for buying them.

25 - Well what's one earring without the other? There's no point of having the one earring. So technically, she would loose $200 if she doesn't find the missing one. 46 - OP never said they were going to sleep. It says 'I was laying down in bed' which doesn't necessarily mean at night or to go to sleep.

46 - It never says OP lay down to sleep. I'm laying down as I type this comment with no intention of going to sleep.

No they lost $200. It does say one of my $200 earrings

If a pair of earrings cost 200 dollars then logically one would cost 100 dollars.

Well what if one earring was 200? And combined they were 400

97- Then that would be a different pair of earrings altogether.

37- when you comment, I imagine it being said by a mouse yelling... Is it just me?

It would be worth even more because the bacteria in the dog's stomach makes it even shinier...

Have fun digging through his poo, looking for your earring

I would take it to the vet... It could cut up anything on the way out

Sounds like a pooped up situation

65- That was even worse than the "shitty situation" jokes. You should be ashamed.

Now you can fish through animal shit just like in Jurassic Park! Just remember to wash your hands before eating.

Op wash your hands very thoroughly -shudders-!

Tou jave big titties

And Gone In Sixty Seconds as well :)

it only a $2 earring that you thought it was $200 ...

Yea #4, because a $2 earring is worth writing an FML for.

I feel like they're trying to hypnotize the OP through a comment.

Huh? Is that even English? Sounds more like a monosyllabic Neanderthal - just saying :)

Do you have your super super pooper scooper?

Super duper pooper scooper*

Why do people on this have to comment about EVERY SINGLE spelling error. Holy shit you know what they mean! Get a life and stop being soo paranoid :/

I'm a super duper pooper :)

Pets come with a price, but its worth it(:

No it's like this :)

Well, her pet is worth an extra $200 then.

Dog's POV: Today I was playfully nibbling my owner's ear and suddenly, a hard, small object went down my throat. Here comes the wait. FML

why would you spend 200$ on earrings?

Why would you spend $________ on a car/signed baseball/concert tickets/etc...? Don't be an ignorant dick

It's not like she spent a million on them.. plus, she could be really into fashion. It also might've been a gift.

I would as well.

Who said she bought them? They could be a gift.

Maybe they were a gift. Then again, if I spent $200 on a pair of earrings, I wouldn't wear them around the house just because. I would wear them for a special occasion. Hopefully OP gets their earring back & the dog is unharmed.

Hey guys, just in case this hadn't been said at least three times above me, maybe the earrings were a gift..

This reminded me of Marley and Me when the dog swallowed the necklace. I hope you find it though! Good luck :)

aww poor puppy! I sure as hell wouldn't want an earring going through my digestive tract :(

At least you know you're getting it back.