By Suzie Leone - 24/01/2012 03:21 - United States

Today, it's "family fun night." We're pulling weeds. FML
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What kind of weed?

Then later you can all paint the garage, oh it'll be so much fun.


What kind of weed?

Exactly what I was thinking

Lindahhxd 7

Is that what they call it now-a-days?

Ohh Mexican families today

OP, can I join in on your family fun night? All this talk of weed definitely sounds like a good time.

You guys pull em.... I'll smoke em!

hey, better than pushin daisies

Pulling weeds as in from the ground. It's to stop the weeds from absorbing all the nutrients so the other plants don't die.

There are different kinds of weed?

56- you suck.

59 Cool story bro.

sirhobothesecond 3

Hahaha over a 1000 varieties actually


Then later you can all paint the garage, oh it'll be so much fun.

Be glad you have a loving family that want to spend time together!

after the painting the garage you can all have joyous fun cleaning it!

Switch to LSD then watch the painted garage come to life

lebronesque73091 12

I think the name needs to be changed to something else.

pm_sky 0

Your comment : fantastic

Are you retarded or are you OCD to add 'Your comment :' every time you post?

BarDownDaily 12

16- What if he was? Bet you would feel like an asshole.

Maybe it's a feature on the phone/device that can't be removed?

47 - Nope, there's nothing wrong with the app seeing as it's never happened to me and it's all I use.

19, they wouldn't feel like an asshole because they literally just asked if they were ocd. They wouldn't ask if they didn't like one of the only two options.

mspoutylips 8

Our family fun night is when everyone's on the couch, farting & blaming each other for it.

"Pass the joint Mom!"

missL1z 5

With all that hard work, a good conversation is always good and pictures! As dull as the job may be, down the road when looking at old photos, this could be one of the fondest!

K_kanaka 26

So this is what you do on "family fun night"...I wonder how your chores go.

TorturedXeno 27

Maybe OP is Amish and is posting this from.... Oh wait...

Atleast it's not marijuana..

BarDownDaily 12

Where does it say that?

my bad, I thought the OP meant Weed as in drug.

I think that'd actually be a LOT better than pulling weeds from the yard.

Damn Gohan, for someone with glasses you're really uneducated, or you're the best mastermind troll ever!

Sounds like my family night.. usually it's the "ten second tidy" with my mom.. like we're on the friggen Big Comfy Couch..

Chillin' with Lunnette and Molly?

Zoh_Aubrey 8

A clown and her dolly?

Then after that you guys can clean out the shed, it will be so much fun! FYL.