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  wasted0087  |  0

Stupid 16yo? Come on now, I'm 16 years old and at least I have proper grammar, also I am capable of spelling "supposed", try to refrain from being stereotypical.


when i was little we had soap
and they had a little plastic toy in the middle.
so once the soap was gone you gotta toy.
ya know, incourage kids to wash thier hands.
i had a duck.. and a seamonkey... hahahahaha !

  EffYoLife  |  14

i bet they dont make those any more cuz theyre scared kids will choke on em. is it me, or are kids today dumber than we were back then! we rarely choked on things like that lol

and yeah this person has OCD.

and cutting it out wouldnt help cuz it would leave a dent. they probably wanted it smooth

  Logica42  |  0

A dent in what? The soap?

If you wash your hands so much that the animal in the middle comes out, the soap is gone. Probably ENTIRELY gone. A dent wouldn't make a difference... though I suppose you would have a lot of uneven soap that you didn't know what to do with, but you could just leave the sink running with the soap under the water and walk away. >>

But yeah, a nick in the toy would suck. >>

  heyyou1203  |  0

i agree. SO many ppl post shit like, "Today I did something a kid would do. I'm an adult. FML" Do they want sympathy for acting immature? Or just want to brag about how they have nothing better to do with their lives? I act like a kid sometimes, but I don't feel guilty about it and post it on FML.

  Logica42  |  0

The point of the FMLs is that they realize all of a sudden they're acting stupid/childish, and they're like "oh, fuck me," ... kinda like that one xkcd... read your comment back to you aloud... "I'm a retard. Oh gosh. I'm so sorry. I... I didn't know."

Because it implies that their is a LIE. And they realize that in this one shocking moment. They realize that they ARE the person everybody complains about when said person isn't around. That they ARE the annoying person in line at the grocery store/coffee store. That they... are morons.

So yeah.


/sage nod

Edit: By "FYL," I of course meant "Do not attempt to fix it, do not pass go, do not collect 200$, just FYL," in case you were curious. Because some things are far too broken to fix.

  3rere  |  0

i feel like its just a generic formula to get on this website and im getting tired of this one i see one like this everyday like "I got excited about having ice cream cake. Im 46. FML" and im tired of it.

By  xOpheliacx  |  0

They still make soap with toys inside?! Where can I find these? hahaha. I had some with Disney Princesses in them when I was little.

And, you should have just cut it out. YDI