By Nish - 03/07/2013 08:11 - United States - Kent

Today while at my job as a store clerk, I walked by a family. I smiled at their little boy, who responded by flipping me off. As I was walking away, I looked back in time to catch his dad give him a high-five. FML
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Wel,l you know what they say. The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the douchebag tree.

I hate this world


Should've faked charging at him. What happened to cordial respect? The father seems more the type to reward bratty behavior.

I don't think charging at a little kid is respectful either.

#39 Why respect a fucktard kid that has no respect for anyone? The kid needs a good belting, not a high 5.

Wel,l you know what they say. The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the douchebag tree.

Wel,l... Yeah, that's definitely a word.

Technically, it's "well" spelt wrong and a random "I".

Actually it's just a misplaced comma in the word "well."

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The only thing that matters is it's a glaring grammatical error and around these parts, that's pretty much a death sentence. So cue the burying, you judgmental bastards you.

Dudes, it was a minor typo, not a grammatical error, and you still understood what he said, so get over yourselves.

Dont worrys so much 34, you's gots good grammer


Hahahah nicely put.

I hate this world

Join the club man. I hate it too.

Only if you guys have jackets.

#13, do you know how much it costs to get "Misanthropes United" embroidered on a jacket? Hint: It will give you a reason to hate the world even more!

There's a philanthropist looking for people to apply for a one way trip to colonize Mars. I suggest you make a submission video.

#58, technically mars is a part of this same world. earth is not a world, it is a planet. So saying you hate this world means you hate mars too.

Should've flipped him off back!

And lower yourself to the level of a young child? I don't think so...

Seriously, the maturity levels of some people scares me.

I think so! They're not kids anymore. They're the devils sprawn.

Like father, like son --_--

Why was this comment thumbed down? The father was probably an ass and hence taught his son to be one.

Kids these days..

Great parenting.

Why is #7 getting thumbed down? Or am I the only one that took it as sarcasm?

HAHA, that's funny

Your comment however, is not.

We come to FML for witty comments! Not your opinion! Shame! :/

walk past the kid and slip something in his pocket. When he walks out security will get him for shoplifting. The watch as the father high fives the back of his head. Evil, but it could bring a little satisfaction.

I hope he high fives him when he gets older and realizes his son is a loser whose made a total mess of his life and can't communicate with society without being a total asshole.