By Nish - / Wednesday 3 July 2013 08:11 / United States - Kent
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  rg350dx  |  29

The only thing that matters is it's a glaring grammatical error and around these parts, that's pretty much a death sentence. So cue the burying, you judgmental bastards you.

  perdix  |  29

#13, do you know how much it costs to get "Misanthropes United" embroidered on a jacket? Hint: It will give you a reason to hate the world even more!

By  darwinism  |  30

walk past the kid and slip something in his pocket. When he walks out security will get him for shoplifting. The watch as the father high fives the back of his head. Evil, but it could bring a little satisfaction.

By  Jemm_fml  |  29

I hope he high fives him when he gets older and realizes his son is a loser whose made a total mess of his life and can't communicate with society without being a total asshole.

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