By Nottheprettylady - Canada
Today, at my job as a cashier, a man and his 3-year old son got in line. The father said, "Give this to the pretty lady," looking at me. The kid looks at me, looks at his dad, and walks over to the next cashier. FML
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By  Fermi  |  0

What is your point zargon? Clearly she is distressed over the kid's interpretation. In the event that you were sarcastic, which I have extreme trouble over deciding if that is even possible due to the fact that you could be sarcastic, but by being sarcastic you should expect some kind of reply, which makes me feel you couldn't be sarcastic. Aside from that I recommend not to pay much attention to the three year old, as these types of things seem to get posted on fuck my life pretty often. This being said, I can imagine your life being pretty miserable, unless you can learn to control your ability to shake these thoughts off.

By  Cookie_kaioo  |  0

Shit happens! lol

But next time if something like that happens, look at the dad & tell him: "Well if you said beautiful lady instead, then he would have undoubtedly came to me" ;)

What you think? (Honestly I got that from Eli Y Dallas's book quote)! ;) LoL