By downlowtooslow - United States
Today, while eating with my kids at McDonalds, my son put his hand up and wanted me to give him a "high five." I went to give him a five, but he moved his hand at the last second and I ended up slapping him in the face. Now everyone there thinks I'm a child-beater. FML
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  sugar94_fml  |  17

Way to be an ass #9. Where in this fml does it say that op takes their kids to eat at maccas every day? It doesn't does it. Having a treat every once and a while doesn't do anybody any harm as long as it's not an every day occurrence, and they know that it's only there for a treat. and I'm sure that you can not say that you have never yourself eaten there in your life before either. So don't assume that everybody is all the same.