By downlowtooslow - 12/06/2009 04:49 - United States

Today, while eating with my kids at McDonalds, my son put his hand up and wanted me to give him a "high five." I went to give him a five, but he moved his hand at the last second and I ended up slapping him in the face. Now everyone there thinks I'm a child-beater. FML
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You should have followed it up by saying 'chew with your mouth closed! what have i taught you?!'



Oh wow. Hopefully you didn't hit too hard?

you all act so smart oh mcd's is so bad when I bet half of you ate a big mac in the past three days

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uh who really cares if a bunch of scene kids and fatasses see you hit your kid? thats basically the mcdonalds population....

Play the star wars song and do everything in slow-motion

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Show me ya moves!

You should have followed it up by saying 'chew with your mouth closed! what have i taught you?!'

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shouldn't have moved his hand!

Why the hell would you roll on the floor while laughing from this fml post?! Holy moly.. Think about what you write next time, please..

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I think it's great you chose to be offended about this man laughing

YDI for eating at McDonalds!

With any luck it'll build some subconcious aversion to McDonalds and he'll refuse to eat there forever. And I'm pretty sure beating kids is a part of going to McD's.

Agreed with #4 :P

You deserve it for having such an intense follow-up with a high five. Seriously, what the hell were you trying to do?

Agree with #6. Who would take their kids to mcdonalds for food?? Way to cultivate a bunch of fatasses. YDI

Way to be an ass #9. Where in this fml does it say that op takes their kids to eat at maccas every day? It doesn't does it. Having a treat every once and a while doesn't do anybody any harm as long as it's not an every day occurrence, and they know that it's only there for a treat. and I'm sure that you can not say that you have never yourself eaten there in your life before either. So don't assume that everybody is all the same.

Hahahahahaha hahahaha