By Anonymous - 13/06/2014 23:36 - United States - Rahway

Today, I was out shopping with my mom. While we were walking, a guy in a car honked at me. I'm not used to compliments, so I was pretty flattered and flashed him a smile. He looked back at me, confused, then shook his head and pointed at my mom. FML
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Honks are considered compliments? Am I behind the times?

You should be proud of your mom in that case lol.


You should be proud of your mom in that case lol.

I agree! The word 'milf' springs to mind..

incoherentrmblr 21

Is your name Stacy?...

Stacy's mom 40 years later and she still got it going on xD

Honks are considered compliments? Am I behind the times?

Jizzwold, I'm with you. I always thought honks meant "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY", but maybe I'm just old and cranky.

I don't remember being taught in Driver's Ed that honks were compliments.

Any man who honks as a compliment is a complete pig, as a rule.

stephhrunsaway 21

Yeah. When guys honk at me and shout stuff (when I'm walking down the street), I don't even look at them. And yes, I'm dressed conservatively for all the would be victim shamers...

I get beeped at quite frequently and it is never a compliment, it's just perverted and really ******* disrespectful.

It all depends on how you honk!

Beep beebee beep beep. BEEP BEEP

mangoboy1 19

Maybe I'm just a perverted misogynist but I don't get how it's perverted to honk as a compliment.

ChristianH39 30

I wouldn't say it's perverted, but any respectful guy should know that is rude and in bad taste.

On the bright side, you probably will be as hot as your mom when you reach her age.

unless she takes on dads looks

darlingdollie 24

I know this feeling too well, OP. People are always checking out my sisters or my mom, never me. FYL

JMichael 25

Yet if someone were to make it clear they were checking you out, would you think they were creeping on you?

i walk to the gas station in scrubs hat no effort to even look presentable and ill get honked at and hollered at. it is not at all flattering and super creepy.

meganlovestea 15

Back in middle school I used to walk to an ice cream place down the street with my friends. We would get a bunch of men, probably in their late 20s or early 30s honking at us and yelling things. Is that creepy? Uh yeah, we were 11. It's street harassment and it's uncalled for.

Maybe it's time to take a closer look in the mirror.

tbh we don't know if this is a boy or girl!

MzZombicidal 36

It's a girl. It shows the symbol beside the name.

That's not a bad thing. Focus on being smart. Earn lots of money, and you can buy 'pretty'. You can't buy 'smart'.

niamhyo 13

I feel you gurl

Well atleast you have a chance to get better with age and be like your mom.what was her reaction?

Don't worry about it's not who you are that holds you's who you think you're not...embrace your beauty and honestly do you really want a guy who's just going to honk and not have the balls to come talk to you? I'd say you dodged a bullet on that one!