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Today, I was out shopping with my mom. While we were walking, a guy in a car honked at me. I'm not used to compliments, so I was pretty flattered and flashed him a smile. He looked back at me, confused, then shook his head and pointed at my mom. FML
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  stephhrunsaway  |  21

Yeah. When guys honk at me and shout stuff (when I'm walking down the street), I don't even look at them. And yes, I'm dressed conservatively for all the would be victim shamers...

  meganlovestea  |  15

Back in middle school I used to walk to an ice cream place down the street with my friends. We would get a bunch of men, probably in their late 20s or early 30s honking at us and yelling things. Is that creepy? Uh yeah, we were 11. It's street harassment and it's uncalled for.

By  daisyflame  |  8

Don't worry about it's not who you are that holds you's who you think you're not...embrace your beauty and honestly do you really want a guy who's just going to honk and not have the balls to come talk to you? I'd say you dodged a bullet on that one!