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Today, I was testing for figure skating. I was wearing a brand new custom dress that was a halter top. On my first move, I tripped and fell flat on my face. Immediately after retaking the move, my dress snapped open, exposing myself to the judges. FML
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Dude, how does a word as simple and plain as 'myself' bother you? Just curious... (#2)


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u obviliosly have not been to an ice skating compeition have you? The judges (for at least the ones i competed in) are usually old or middle aged women and one gay man usually.

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and you obviously don't know how to spell the word "obviously."

Hahaha. Great comments so far. That sucks miss...but you messed up first perhaps not the best performance before you stripping anyways? Better luck next time.

obviliosly.... hahahahaha. That's awesome. To the OP, that sucks. Not much more to say about it.

And obviously you don't know what a typo is.

Ninja'd! Also, 49, wtf are you talking about?

@ 12 And they're usually very prudish and old fashioned too XD

#50, #49 is talking about #25 making fun of the way #12 spelled obviously. Try to pay attention, okay? It's really not that hard to follow. You were prolly just a little too excited about your "Ninja'd" post, which was very helpful. Way to be a winner. Oh by the way...RIPPED YOU.

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I woulda been like 10 fantastico performance

STFU u Dont no anyhing about figurs skating and they r not cheep the can be in the 1000 range!!!!

93- no need to get bent out of shape. People who aren't figure skaters don't know and I wouldn't expect them to. However you're right. Competition dresses can cost a fortune. Del Arbor.. Not as bad.

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Yeah myself implies that it was an action of hers that caused her exposure. A simple me would have sufficed

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you two are next level grammar nazis...

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Did you make sure it could handle those moves before you wore it? If not, YDI

agree. Maybe test out your dress beforehand, especially a halter top

Dude, how does a word as simple and plain as 'myself' bother you? Just curious... (#2)

If I was a girl, and that happened to me, I would absolutely DIE of embarrassment. FYL!!! However on the bright side, maybe the judges were perverts and liked it?

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Or your just a horny bastard who wants to see a girls breasts. Go look up drake and josh, there are a few boobs you might like.

That really bites. Probably got a little nervous and messed up.