By sk8rgurl - United States
Today, I was testing for figure skating. I was wearing a brand new custom dress that was a halter top. On my first move, I tripped and fell flat on my face. Immediately after retaking the move, my dress snapped open, exposing myself to the judges. FML
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  DizzyDemon0  |  9

Hahaha. Great comments so far. That sucks miss...but you messed up first perhaps not the best performance before you stripping anyways?

Better luck next time.

  DizzyDemon0  |  9

#50, #49 is talking about #25 making fun of the way #12 spelled obviously. Try to pay attention, okay? It's really not that hard to follow. You were prolly just a little too excited about your "Ninja'd" post, which was very helpful. Way to be a winner.

Oh by the way...RIPPED YOU.

  PerfasarusRex  |  3

93- no need to get bent out of shape. People who aren't figure skaters don't know and I wouldn't expect them to. However you're right. Competition dresses can cost a fortune. Del Arbor.. Not as bad.

By  McA513M  |  0

If I was a girl, and that happened to me, I would absolutely DIE of embarrassment. FYL!!! However on the bright side, maybe the judges were perverts and liked it?