By melons - 03/07/2013 09:09 - United Kingdom - Redditch

Today, the massive bogey that had been dangling precariously from my manager's nose for half an hour finally detached itself. Into my coffee. FML
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Why didn't you tell him it was there, like half an hour ago?


perdix 29

#1, so, you're not going to finish that? Slide it on over here then. . . please?

Why didn't you tell him it was there, like half an hour ago?

I've only been in this job 2 months and couldn't pluck up the courage to say anything. I wish I bloody had now...

gzmn91 6

You shouldve move everything clear away from that nose!

KiddoKS 19

You just witnessed the slowest moving snot rocket ever!

You just need to hand them a tissue - no words need to be said. I'd rather be told than not know

Sounds like it was a double bogey. Lets hope your boss can pull an eagle off and get under par.

At least. What with the coffee hazard stroke penalty and all.

DyslexicPanda 12

Am I the only one that spells "boogey" with two O's? I keep reading "bogey" and instantly think of a hostile or one above par in golf...

The joke in this comment was reffering to golf. The comment was pretty much a big pun

mkid232 15

You deserve it for not telling him. It was there for half an hour and he was unaware the whole time?!

Some people feel too awkward telling someone about things like that.

mkid232 15

Obviously that wasn't the best idea, considering his 'uncomfortableness' telling the guy about the bogey caused his coffee to be ruined.

agreed. I would hate to be walking around with an obvious booger and my coworkers can't say hey u got something in ya nose. it's more respectable to tell em than for them to realize it after a very long conversation or have it fall in ya drink.

I do agree, but I wasn't brave enough. He spoke to other longer serving colleagues before me though and they never said anything.

mkid232 15

Well...I still do kinda say YDI anyway, but if EVERYONE wasn't doing anything to tell him...makes me wonder how temperamental the guy is if you mention something about him that is bad.

He's a lovely bloke actually, so I didn't want to embarrass him.

This is why I drink closed drinks. Foreign objects are less likely to enter it.

What kind of foreign objects are we talking about? ;)

Be honest. Your cupboards are filled with sippycups and you've just learned to adapt.

@lamevil123 The fact that you comment is number 69 makes it that much funnier. @FightMyLiger Ya got me ;)

I just hope you dont forget and drink it lol

I'm sure that won't happen. Who could forget something that disgusting?!?

Throw out the coffee. It could be the most expensive and delicious Starbucks coffee in existence and it wouldn't be worth it.

I threw it away as soon as he was out of sight and also changed cups. I also made tea instead, as I couldn't face coffee.

I was worried that this FML wouldn't be disgusting enough, thanks for removing my concerns Noor.

inkdeath87 18

That's snot cool. Sorry, had to do it.

Who nose, it might improve it if it was snot very good! I am also deeply sorry.

My name is Cleveland Brown and i would like to say that my coffee's bogey free oh what a splendid day!