By Kate - 17/10/2011 02:50 - United States

Today, I was chatting with a customer who comes regularly to my job. He sticks his hand out and I put my hand on his, thinking he's giving me a high five. He was just waiting for his receipt. FML
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Who the hell "puts" their hand on a high five? You gotta slap that. The way you described it made it sound like a conjugal visit at a state penitentiary. No wonder it would have been awkward.


i dont get it. help

Wtf is wrong with you?

You know you're stupid when a RetardedChimpmunk makes fun of your intelligence...

Unfortunately, Retarded Chipmuncks are smarter than a pretty large group of people on this site...

#11, the tribal warrior from Fallout 2 said it best: "Most people have evil spirits. You? You have stupid spirits. Go see shaman, get hole in head... Big hole... Very big... Huge."

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I wish all checkout people would high five their customers. Makes it a lot friendlier place to shop. I mean think about it wouldn't you like someone to say. "Oh shit!! She bought some mother fucking chunky monkey. Shits going down tonight!!" (high five)

That would spread a lot of germs though, like who knows where there hand has been. Or what that hand has been doing.

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26- you misspelled chipmunk. It's ok though, you're still smarter than a good ~20% of the people on this site. 54- WTF how is it gross to get high five?

61, 54 is probably one of those Sheldon type people from the Big Bang Theory in relation to germs.

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I sort of agree with 54, money is gross so people handling money all day have very germy hands.

Indeed. Very socially awkward penguin.

yeah and that's an awkward way to describe a high five too

Pretty tragic.

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Their life is so fucked now.

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Not tragic, just embarrassing. Life goes on!

82, No shit, Sherlock.

82 just blew my mind..

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Changed my life.

"thanks for coming in. high five!!"

One time I held a fist up and got fist bumped by the girl at a gas station as I was trying to give her the change for some nibs.

what are nibs? just wondering I'm a stupid American :p

Small pieces of licorice

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you probably made his day way more fun!

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that was touching moment for him

I see what you did there!

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This always happens to me. So awkward.

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You are so beautiful

Always? You'd think they would learn from the first time lol

It happens to me sometimes too. You can't really learn from it because it's more of a reflex.. At least for me.

Yeahhh I'm a cashier and I do stuff like that all the time ... Smh :(

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Filopian tubes.... Moobs... Whose Juice Moves To The Groove, Dude? Rude To Moose-Face, Testy Facial Haired Women Whom I Woo Then Pool'm Into My Noose And Soon Eat Noodles.

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YES, Pendatik. Seriously. It Doesn't matter if i do write caps for every Word. Take... Me... SERIOUSLY. Especially when i randomly mention tubes.

Gabriello Fallopio is weeping in his grave right now.

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How does writing in caps make me an idiot? And about the Fillopian tube thing. I really didnt know It isnt spelled that way, But not knowing doesnt make me stupid. Now, please run along and get back to feeling so very important by bagging on someone on this website.

Majestic King is a fucking 4 year old who thinks that their playing Runescape what u expect from a fucking 14 year old

Who the hell "puts" their hand on a high five? You gotta slap that. The way you described it made it sound like a conjugal visit at a state penitentiary. No wonder it would have been awkward.

That awkward moment when the following customer expected a high-five..

Best way to make it less awkward: say "I love you."

That'll make it more awkward

Then be like "LOL JK. Here's your receipt."

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...but i already have a girlfriend....