By ashhatches - 27/06/2011 19:15 - United States

Today, while at Costco, I was eating a hotdog when I saw a really hot guy walking over. Trying to be sexy, I bit my hotdog cutely and winked. I ended up choking and dropping the ketchup covered hotdog all over my lap. FML
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YDI for being overly flirty.

lopez1222 3

hahaha not cute...


green_eggs_and_h 0


yellowboy30 0


YDI for being overly flirty.

Damn, why don't random girls ever do this to ME?

haha you silly whore

enonymous 8

I prefer girls that do that and then have mustard shoot out their nose... dijon only not that french's crap... I have standards

hook_em 0

good thing she didn't deep throat she would have died she can't even handle bite size proportions.

lol @ 37! She deserved it for trying to hard to be cute

rallets 22

sounds like you bit off more than you could chew

how does one bite a hot dog cutely?

yummayy_ 11

Nothing is sexier than taking a bite out of a hotdog... Mmm. Sexy.

shrinkydinks 0

I was thinking the same thing! how can anyone eat anything "cutely" or "seductively"? like I get the whole penis shape in your mouth, but you bite and chew it? if that is what turns you on then you are just kinky;)

ImmortalKratos 0

sounds like you need some practice with wieners in your mouth. I'm free from 2-6 everyday.

rcloca 10

^ awkwaaaaard......

missIrene 6

he probably thought you are a dirty whore for winking with a wiener in your mouth . be classy Hun, not an easy skeezer

DudeImBetter 0

that's when you say I love it when ketchup is on my hot dog and then you bend over to pick it up with your mouth.

Yes. Ripping into a hot dog is very sexy. It would probably convey images of you eating penises. Like, chewing and ingesting.

Alex94xela 0

she shoulda removed it from the bun, kissed it, licked it, and slowly deep throat it. now that's hot!

69's comment is even funnier cause it's 69

I saw "trying to be sexy" and went right for the YDI button.

Agreed. P.s. Lucky hot dog.

Jonscarl 0

seriously Costco?

garrettsgirl 0

oooo a total turn on haha just kidding that sucks though:( sorry

it's easy to be sexy with a hot dog. just cover the tip with mayo and lick it off then nibble on it a bit. ask any woman in the sex trade. just treat the hot dog like a penis and the man wil think about you doing the same thing to their actual wanker. derpalicious

holygodthatshars 0

haha awesome :D

those hot dogs are soooo good

Choking on a hotdog is sexy, he was secretly turned on

I would've thought it was cute! did he help?

pardon me. but do you have any grey poupon??

I'd have thought it was cute!

@ 14 hahaha so truuu :p

iEatGuppies 0

being sexy with a stranger? that never works out,

fi3ldhock3ybab33 8

love waynes world!

slushpup9696 12

All the replies to 1 were good until 80 came along.

Best comment and comment number!

MrFlintstone 5

#3 ur comment is a little hippocritical since ur name is gloriouswhorous

guitargoddess89 3

lol I agree. I'd rather have respect for being classy than treated like a booty call and used.

should've just sucked the sausage like a blowjob

AwesomeAsFcuk 0

it's funny cause she's fat...

fuck you 126, Costco is the best place in the fucking world, "maybe" even funner than your mom's house during work/school days XD I feel naughty, brb I'm going to Costco...

MazDanRx795 1

117 - All I had to see was Costco and I clicked YDI...

no one likes a biter

dorkychick 0

how exactly do you eat a hotdog cutley? i could see a pickle...or a bananna...or something of that sort...but a hot dog? i could be wrong.

yeah to be honest biting any penis shaped food is sexy it's kinda scary

It would've been even funnier if he was vegetarian

126- Costco is awesome, I go there every week. You, on the other hand, are an idiot.

YDI so much, Op. Biting a hotdog and winking looks weird and isn't cute at all.

lopez1222 3

hahaha not cute...

Hey OP you really bit the big one!:D sorry that was lame...

I think the only sexy part of this FML is where is says "[...]all over my lap.".

Cryingraven 1

i just jizzed thinking about her choking on the hot dog. ;p

should've just stuck it right in there

at least you didn't try to eat it in one bite and choke and make him give you the himleck

DoubleA329 1

probably cause everything is bigger in costco...

a_nutritionist 10

@170 i think your girlfriend posted an fml recently about that issue...

theten_fml 9

I agree it's not sexy when the sauce goes on your lap.

Yeah... That is the least cute thing i can think of doing in Costco...

calikiss 0

it is when u don't choke ;)

Costco hotdogs are amazing

GreenMaze 0

That's not flirty at all.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

But Costco pizza is the shit.

omg the hotdogs are amazing!:D

gabstahhh 8

Costco is where all the cool kids go. Free fooooooood

Yeah there hotdogs are good, but nothin' beats there poutine. -One word: Heavenly!

xroflmao 0

ew their pizza is just grease and too much cheese.

I personally like the churros.

Costco is just great

173- what about the Oreos?

SneakherHead 5

Agreed I love the churros too

love everything but the pizza

I like them and I'm detective_Oreo!!!!! and yes Lil Wayne is the shit did you watch the I'm one one video freaking amazing drake rips it

so r their French fries and chicken strips

M0rt 0

it's like an orgasm in your mouth

especially when they're in your mouth

70 hell no their pizzas amazing. the ice cream bars are even better though.

lottso88 4

Their frozen custard is like heaven.

HU4L188 0

awwww a kitten:)

I thumbed it up for the kitteh.

That's right, tear into that weiner!

I like turtles.

I like parties that involve lemons. Google it.

tortoises are better.


ummm, no, sea turtles all the way... /:l

ydi for being too damn hot. not.


haha, do u seriously have a clown in ur back yard?? haha lol

tinypurplegiant 0

I would have loved to see his reaction. ydi for failing at being sexy lol.

kdawg360 0

if she was hot she probably wouldn't have had to do that.

comepoopwithme 0

that makes you look like a fatass whore. the fact she did that for a random guy she saw probably made the guy think she does that to just any guy.

She probably practices on her mom or something.

lol, it's priceless when dumb bitches try and make something look sexy that could never possibly look sexy, like eating a hot dog.

Hot dogs are never sexy. Tasty, but not sexy.

wazupwolf 5

damn straight

10-I wholeheartedly agree. Couldn't of said it better myself.

Not even if she took the wiener out and deep throated it to show she has no gag reflex?

tayfehrenbachxo 0

false. most straight guys love watching women eat penis shaped food.

If you want that guys attention, you should have sucked the wiener. Really, what good would biting do?

Maybe he's Jewish. they love mutilating phalluses. it's even part of their religion.