By woahitbechels - 25/04/2011 01:10 - United States

Today, I dreamed that I was kidnapped by Charlie Sheen. FML
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i cant believe they even accepted this fml

I replied to this to be seen at the top!! First!!! #winning what does the # stand for?

Really, wtf? This is really worthy of being on FML now?

Once, I had a dream I was kidnapped by Barney.

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nah, the OP was probably his "goddess"

hahaha so much Winning!! I am not Charlie Sheen I am batman

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CHARLIE SHEEN!!! is winning. Ahhhhh <3 him.

I feel your pain, OP. I once dreampt he was chasing after me with a demon baby one time.

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100 - Love your hat! I have the exact same one =P

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this story is bi-winning, not to mention that OP is winning too cause of this

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I once had a dream in which I married a Mexican.. there were 44 people in the wedding party because he had so many brothers lol

duhh, winning! I went to go see the torpedo of truth, and it blew hard. I mean that guy has gone off the deep end.

Yes, she drank tiger blood. Yes, I banged a seven gram rock while she was watching. No, it was not a dream

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sounds like my wet dreams...

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OP, you sir, were not winning Charlie Sheen, however, was banging 7 gram rocks cuz thats how he rolls he has one speed GO!!!!!!

YDI for watching The Chase before going to bed. And YDI for being Kristy Swanson.

Did Ashton Kutcher replace you in your home?

... if you're going to insult people randomly you might want to check what you wrote before the grammar Nazis come and ass rape you with their giant G swastika. <3

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so was Inception figure it out damnet I can't use Inception was friken confusing. it was all a dream I think! D:

112 I think you mean you're.132 what the hell are talking about.

118-Charlie sheens not the only one who's winning xD

if you had a dream about him it's means he is thinking about you or he us watching you haha

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A few nights ago I had a dream that Charlie Sheen helped me escape from a building that was on fire. How ******* weird is that.

Crawl out from under your rock, anti-social.

judging by that beard you have growing you must not leave the house very often

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72- The picture was obviously taken outside. two plus two is whaaaat?!?

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god dudes get with the bi-winning times... watch charlie sheens winning song

Can't tell if trolling or just really stupid...

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stop overfeeding the troll, it's full. carry on people

****, for the sake of the warlock himself, I hope that troll's kidding.

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I seriously dont know -_-........

You obviously have internet, use it and google Charlie Sheen.

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I did. Don't see how that guy would make a dream a nightmare >_>

Go on YouTube and look up the Charlie sheen interviews then look up "Charlie sheen" winning song

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-_____- u live under a rock my friend. you are not winning.

85 I didn't say he never leaves the house i said he must not leave it very often and 2+2 is 4 u stupid bitch

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wow .... really . he's ******* WINNING ! how do you know know who that is !!

Very often counts as going outside sometimes, 6x4 is what again ?

It's 6666, wich is by the way one 6 away from being a really bad number

This isn't Twitter. Lose the hashtags.


I agree I'd love to go on a dream adventure, hopefully he shared his goddesses and coke

lmao watch you wake up the next day in his bed.. aha creepppyy

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It's better than Barney kidnapping you