By M2thaM - 29/05/2009 05:23 - United States

Today, I was trying to flirt with the guy I like using body language, so I leaned over this counter in a sensual way. I happened to have a fork, so I went to bite the tip that sexy way people do in movies. I accidentally stabbed myself in the lip, cutting it. My lunch had jalapeños in it. FML
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yeah, reeeeaaaal smooth buthaha sucks for u. u should have just done verbal flirting or something.

op fail for thinking jalepenos are hot

Melaniee_fml 0

I don't think you can sexily bite a fork.

oxker 7

Go ahead and rub jalapeños on an open wound and tell me how it feels

Flirting on FML is a instant ydi. 3rd :>

Saying your number of comment on FML is an instant thumbs down. *Thumbs Down *

ouch.. but YDI.. this is like the 100th FML about things going wrong while people try to "flirt".. getting old

Sooo... you cut your lip, then ordered a lunch that had jalapenos in it? What part is the FML? Did you not order jalapenos? Also, learn to spell jalapenos. /jalapenos.

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#5 the jalapeños juice was on the fork and got in the cut

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ydi for time don't be stupid. don't try too hard. dumb. were trying WAY too hard. That goes beyond just flirting into the "throwing yourself at him" stage.

Haha, that never happens in the movies. But it should.

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Hahaha your silly :) Never try to imitate things out of movies. It never looks as good in real life.. just put on. Instead, next time have sex with him with your eyes. Trust me.. it works!

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Biting a fork is not sexy.... Should it be? And who flirts with body language? I might just be dense but I'm a lot less likely to notice an actual message in body language than I would be to notice if the person... I don't know... actually said it! Seriously, body language is all well and good, but its mostly subconscious isn't it? If you're trying too hard to fake body language then its just going to look stupid...