By mavstrr1764847 - 27/06/2011 18:38 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of five years proposed to me in front of my entire family. He later confessed that it was part of a dare with his friends because, "There was no way you'd say yes." Guess who has to explain this to all my relatives? FML
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Break up with him in front of his entire family.


The boyfriend is not worthy enough to share the same noun as Jackass the movie, so it's best to not call him that.

Regarding the last sentence... was it you OP?

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I agree! how did she even get to the point of saying yes to someone who makes bets with friends over marriage? unless ops some crazy, moves too quickly, wants to get married after two months type of girl. then fhl.

but haven't they been dating for 5 years? weird westerners.

shrinkydinks 0

oh I didn't see the five years part! my bad. well regardless, I think op should've been smarter to know that he wouldn't seriously want to marry her. how does that come as a shock?

zman1422 3

^ @pertained, says the man who's wearing an assassin's creed costume

^we all have our fetishes... So what's your point? xD

Boygenius50 8

No. Nobody has an Assassin's Creed fetish. No.

denbeste 3

Yes. Yes, they do.

Living proof, man. Not that I said we all have the same fetishes.

Hey pay your respects...RIP Ryan Dunn

Hopefully you have a different opinion of marriage with him now. Marriage shouldn't be a joke.

smith2001 5

he should have to tell your parents that he screwed up your emotions and relationship over a dare

agreed. she should make him tell her family. I mean he is the one that made te bet.

Thunderbender 2

What an idiot... OF COURSE she's going to say yes in front of all her family members.

now that's just fuckin messed up i wouldve kicked him in the nuts! RIP ryan dunn a random hero u will be greatly missed )':

either don't let him out of it or Max out all his credit cards pawn the ring then break up with him! that will teach em'!!!

70 - fuck Ryan Dunn. he's a dumb fuck

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then she's in for a shitty marriage.

37, Marriage isn't something you should be kind or concerned for other peoples feelings for. Just sayin'!

wtf gayboii ?! getting thumbs down again now? i was enjoying ur 200+ thumbs up for ur grandpa post :O , well FYL OP

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that is messed up, you should tell your family he moved away and hide his body well

SorrowFull 8

a wood chipper might come in handy

blender. then feed it to his friends

34- chili with a special secret ingredient

Yes before he 'disappears' tell him sorry it was part of a dare

Wha....? WTF? O_o No! Bad humor!

When he really does propose say no, play it off for a little while. Then say yes.

Why the HELL would she say yes? My advice, if he really does truly propose, kick him square in the crotch. Then hopefully, he'll forget all about the last five years.

fuck it, kick his teeth downs his throat anyway and teell his ass to walk home.. guess that's the end of that relationship .. sorry to hear op

Break up with him in front of his entire family.

stephie0128 2

I totally agree. break up with him

haha , DOO ITT(; and be like oh , ya this isn't a dare . duces(;

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Today, as a prank, I proposed to my girlfriend. She said Yes. FML.

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And that would get almost everyones YDI vote.

jellitonoctopus 19

... in the butt.

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Today, some woman posted a dumb ass comment on the Internet. FML

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Today, some people were unnecessarily acting like assholes to a female who made a joke on a humorous non serious website. FHL

Boygenius50 8

She made it seem as though it were the girl's fault for accepting the proposal of her boyfriend of five years, I'm pretty sure there's a problem there.

supermankisses 1

No, actually, it was a badly written joke directed towards the boyfriend. I can see where you were confused, though.

Boygenius50 8

Ok I get that


Boygenius50 8

"Disc golfer" things he's cool! Hahaha

Boygenius50 8


Creep reads internet profile in attempted insult! "disc golfer" does not care enough about your pathetic life to do so! I seriously saw one of your comments on every fml I read that day, and they're that of a reasonably smart but small person who hides behind a computer :) I've had bad days but nobody wants to hear your little criticisms or watch you take out your frustrations on innocent internet bystanders. Grow up and and use your critical mind for something useful.

no......just no.

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At the end of OPs paragraph she said "guess who has to explain this to all my relatives".. and nom said.. your dog. Got it now?

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in the butt! ;)

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YOU picked him. AND. AND. YOU WOULD MARRY HIM!! that's on u, babygirl.

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Would you really want to marry someone like that?

that was just stupid...