By mavstrr1764847 / Monday 27 June 2011 18:38 / United States
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  shrinkydinks  |  0

I agree! how did she even get to the point of saying yes to someone who makes bets with friends over marriage? unless ops some crazy, moves too quickly, wants to get married after two months type of girl. then fhl.

  shrinkydinks  |  0

oh I didn't see the five years part! my bad. well regardless, I think op should've been smarter to know that he wouldn't seriously want to marry her. how does that come as a shock?

By  RyanMacVey  |  17

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Creep reads internet profile in attempted insult! "disc golfer" does not care enough about your pathetic life to do so! I seriously saw one of your comments on every fml I read that day, and they're that of a reasonably smart but small person who hides behind a computer :) I've had bad days but nobody wants to hear your little criticisms or watch you take out your frustrations on innocent internet bystanders. Grow up and and use your critical mind for something useful.