By alisaav - 08/08/2014 07:40 - Thailand

Today, I saw a cute guy walking out of a restaurant. When he saw me, he smiled and to be a bit flirty I bit my lip. Too bad it started to bleed like hell. FML
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Let's just hope he's a vampire.

Cover your mouth with your hand like you're smiling shyly. It's cute.


Let's just hope he's a vampire.

Hopefully not the Edward Cullen type...

Edward Cullen doesn't deserve to be called a vampire. He was just a long-lived carnivore with a fondness of glitter.

I'd call him a fairy, but that would be degrading to Tinkerbell.

You can't really liken him to anything without insulting the other.

He was ashamed of his glitteriness, he didn't like it. Let's just say he was fond of teen angst despite being ancient.

Cover your mouth with your hand like you're smiling shyly. It's cute.

Seriously! Damn girl... use some chap stick!

Or just lick ur lips. That's pretty seductive

jeffandjeff 22

That bites.

Sorry Op.. But haven't people learned by now that everytime you flirt it winds up on FML

You're a damsel in distress now. I hope he came over and helped!

I guess that was a bloody mistake haha... I'm not British.

DogeMan 14

Lol ur squirtle pic like like he's a pedifile

#33 that genuinely made me laugh.. for some fucked up reason.

Well thats unfortunate

tony1891 22

you're a biter then huh? kinky

Ooohh shoulda gone with the hair flip. Less blood that way... XD

OP would've likely managed to give herself a black eye.

RusticChick 27

Ouch.. How does one bite themselves that hard when trying to be cute? Cute biting is more like a soft bite/nibble.

OP was just too busy... Being delicious.

I agree, I don't think I could draw blood if I wanted to, it would be too painful. I don't understand how she but her lip that hard just trying to be cute.