By Weak Disposition - 27/04/2012 04:29 - United States - Roanoke

Today, I entered a hotdog eating contest. I made it up to two, threw up on the rest of them, and fell over. FML
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alstbv12 13

At least people now can't make the joke that you're used to a bunch of wieners in your mouth.


Matty1188 6

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jerseyboy732 16

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I assume the OP didn't throw up because it was meat, they would've vomited due to struggling to quickly eat two hotdogs.

Just two?? Awww come on...- Never mind, I would have done the same OP. Don't feel bad.

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MerrikBarbarian 9

10- I'm gonna assume "mean fillers" is an auto correct... But the mental image has me giggling none the less XD

jerseyboy732 16

supposed to be MEAT* fillers. but if it made you laugh then I guess my fail comment was a success after all

50-You're not really in a position to correct anyone considering you used 'probley' in your first comment.

Oh, my bad. I thought 48 said it and you were correcting them. Back to the hole I go....

xoconnie 8

WTF are u ok??? 2 hotdogs and u puke? thats just embaressing.........

Go vegetarian? Hell no i want my bacon!!!! Mmmm...... Bacon

Screw hotdog eating contests... now a crispy bacon strips eating contest is something i'd want to be a part of.

Since you're the messenger, can you tell PETA to stop pushing their agenda on the internet?

Why did you even enter when you're like that..? If you can not give something at a competition like that, don't do it at all :/ And maybe, just maybe, you're actually good at those contests, but you just failed this once

I don't know why but this FML made me really laugh out loud.

Maybe Joey Chesnutt can be his trainer for the next contest cause that's pretty bad

okiidokii_fml 6

Omg i saw this show called 1000 ways to die and this girl liked be thrown up on so when a guy threw up after a hotdog contest on her she open her mouth and choked on hot dog bits! GROSS

challan 19

74- your comment made me nauseous! Thanks for the waning not to EVER watch that movie. Oh gross.

pablopoo 7

1000 ways to die is so ******* fake haha:)

76 it's a TV show, not a movie, but it can be pretty gross lol

alstbv12 13

At least people now can't make the joke that you're used to a bunch of wieners in your mouth.

MrBrightside21 20

Guys, I bet DP already gets enough crap.

Brings a while to meaning to "hotdoggin'" it. :P

I believe you mean "a whole new meaning". Don't worry auto cucumber gets the best of us sometimes. Yes that was intentional.

Llama_Face89 33

I've heard of raw dogging but not hot dogging. :

jerseyboy732 16

Cuz I'm slim shady yes I'm the real shady... Haha what's up Toast ;D

Lmao ah yes I remember that! (see fml posted on 4/17 about shady girlfriend) Not much, keep bustin those rhymes Rommel :P

Also, I love it when Chuck Norris finishes my sentences!

Canucksftw24 6

I sense Stewies about to rage at you

I never understood those contests... How about a race next time?

The name of the contest leaves little to question... Being as there is a time limit and the person who eats the most in the alotted time wins, seems a bit, well, race-ish. Stay in (or consider going back to) school.

Whatever you say weeds, whatever you say man

She may not know what an eating contest is. How do you know that, "she can't grasp the purpose or motivation behind it." Are you friends? I just don't want to jump to any conclusions, but I think that asking her what she meant, will tell you what she meant.

KnightAngela1109 10

Maybe you turned on a lot of the Emetophilia out there

jerseyboy732 16

OP threw up after 2... not 4

It's okay! 2 hotdogs is fine for a guy, but you were beaten by a girl weren't you? Girls are you good at putting large things in their mouth. If you know what I mean.

It was probably a 115lbs asian guy. Those bastards can eat!

nofearjenshere 12

Hey, some guys are good at it too! Don't discriminate. ;b