By pinks - 02/09/2009 02:17 - United States

Today, when my son woke up from his nap, he sleepily reached up. I picked him up and gave him a big hug, and he immediately pushed me away. He wasn't reaching for me, he was reaching for the bag of chips on the table next to me. FML
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Om nom nom chips > Women fo real

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I saw a British guy eating Pringles on youtube once. That is my argument.


Om nom nom chips > Women fo real

I agree. But my view chips > men

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YDI for being loving, lol jk

Women + Sex > Food Women - Sex < Food 0 Woman = 0 Cry (Marley's Theorem).

get your priorities in order early. damnstraight

I am sorry. He will grow up though and understand that you always just wanted the best for him

In the mean time, it must suck to be Cartman's mother though.

haha true, this could've come straight out of a south park episode

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hes gonna grow up a fatass

People are gonna rip me a new one but; Ohh Americans! :D hehehe

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I saw a British guy eating Pringles on youtube once. That is my argument.

If your going to rip on Americans at least have the stones to tell us where you're from in your profile so we can zing you back

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Besides, culturally speaking, America shouldn't be counted as one country, it should be counted as 50. Each state has it's own laws, culture, etc. etc. And each state is about the size of the average European country... So if you're going to generalize, at least do it by state when talking about the U.S.

Calm. Watch the heart guys.

nope, that's perfectly valid, 3, we americans are inveterate fatasses

Totally just destroyed the entire pledge of alligence right there, does the UNITED states of America mean anything to you?

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Oh Europeans. Fucked up teeth, crazy government, anything else I should add?

Awww, but he still sounds cute!

hes got the munchies

hey, one i voted for actually made it in. :D yeah noone cares..blah blah

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I care :)

well...i care about the possible disses. like...i mean if you knew no one would care, why post it? and even if we cared, how do we know anything about you in order to praise who you are? lol i'm's just like when people are like "I MODDED THIS ONE"....ehhh oh well, it's cool that you did it

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ha ha that sucks

Don't disturb a man when he's hungry. He wants to eat.

Why did he wake up and you didn't have his sammich ready? That's your job, bitch, your raison d'etre, if you will.

If you think a man is bad you should see me. If I don't get food I will kill people.-.- and yet I somehow remain skinny as hell.:P

HAHA seriously nobody needs a big hug when they wake up from a nap. but they might wanna munch on some chips.

If your son is young enough for you to pick him up he's too young for junk food. Keep him away from the chips.

exactly! he shouldn't be eating chips in the first place

Get over it, he'll do worse as he gets older, like telling you not to talk to him in fromt of people. Hugging? forget it.

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uh yah

why do people feel the need to tell others how to parent? it didn't say she Fed him the chips.....and anything in the wrong amounts is "bad" including fruit and veggies! Can't teach em to young what moderation is.... but future reference NO BODY wants parenting advice from strangers and very rarely from family unless solicited..... there is no manual on parenting but since you seem to know the perfect way you could publish it and hand it to new mom's.

What kind of chips? This is a vital factor in the YLS/YTDI spectrum. If they were doritos or bugles, YTDI.