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Today, I found out that my company was throwing a work picnic. When i showed up, I realized that it had been planned months ago and I wasn't supposed to find out. The entire restaurant was there greeting me with faces of utter shock. Nothing says 'you suck' more than being 'that guy' at your job. FML
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For #16...obviously, the OP didn't know it was planned to exclude him, so calling him "selfish" for going when he wasn't aware he wasn't invited is wrong. At any rate, they were rude to plan a company event and exclude an employee, not to mention stupid, as it was inevitable he would find out at some point. While the OP may be "that guy" that's not an excuse for his co-worker's rudeness and selfishness. But at least he's aware of it; maybe he can talk to someone and find out what's going on. And maybe it's less about him and more about his co-workers (I've seen that happen). Who knows?

Well, why are you 'that guy'? Maybe YDI because you're an ignorant prick. If not, FYL.


I enjoy sucking knobs, if you know what I'm saying.

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why do people thumbs down when someone has the first comment and announces "FOIST!"? This man, this first poster, is a true man.

Well, why are you 'that guy'? Maybe YDI because you're an ignorant prick. If not, FYL.

Ha, we had a guy just like that at work. He found out about a after work party for a employee that was leaving. After an hour we all pretended to go home and met at another bar. Sorry but the OP needs to take a good hard look at himself and find out why he is That Guy FYL

Fake, atleast have some consistency in your lie, is it a picnic or a restaurant?

He probably works at a restaurant. He may be the kind of chef/barista who always has to make things perfect, and thus undermining the respect of the solid-working colleagues. Or he may be just a wanker, but either way, if this is not fake, then its YDI for bringing it about. But FYL, because I know how shit like that feels.

yea... so this is mine. to clarify, I say restaurant because i work at a one. "so the entire Restaurant" i mean everybody who works with me. put the two together fascist.

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Fascist? What is it with people throwing that term around lately?

what is it with people calling everything fake?

"Fascist? What is it with people throwing that term around lately?" Most people who use it don't even know what it means. They think it makes them look smart. It's the same as idiots throwing around the term 'Nazi' to refer to someone who dares to have a different political ideology. These people only use it when they're in packs or from the anonymity of the web because they don't have to stones to say to the person's face.

i fail to see how #3's perfectly reasonable question makes him a fascist... though he was wrong, it wasn't clear in the original post, and yet u now consider it correct to thrown an insult on him that is COMPLETELY out of context... i guess this is the reason why u are "that guy"... it may just be me but u seem to be rather volatile...

And this is why you weren't invited, pumpkin.

They like to sound intelligent when they're really just annoying ppl

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"FIRST" is not a comment, because no one cares when you commented. Also, you shouldn't call someone an "ignorant pick" when you know nothing about them. Dude, your life is fed.

I'm not calling him an ignorant prick. I'm just sayin' that if he is one, he deserved it.

picinic, restaruant, which one is it man?

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the op says "the entire resturant was there" meaning that he probably works at a resturant and everyone was there at the picnic staring at him and thinking who invited "that guy" OP that really sucks but like everyone else in this thread i kind of want to know why they did not want you there.

Dude... maybe he works at a restaurant? That's at least how I understood it, and since I'm seldom wrong... ;)

Or the people from work completely took over the restaurant, kicking out all the other customers and even the staff, thus explaining why "the entire restaurant" was shocked. Or maybe he gave random people who don't know him reason to be shocked, such as walking in naked with his extensive collection of BDSM gear. Either way is more likely than your absurd theory though.

Ah, of course, that's what must have happened! How silly of me to think otherwise! :)

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first of all if u really r that guy it means they all hate u coz u have done something wrong to them or ur character or behaviour is inapropriate. ofcourse there might be many other reasons. ydi coz u r the prick who everyone hates. not everyone can be wrong while u alone right if I were u I would quit that job

I don't mean to nitpick but, if you're going to start the comment with 'First of all', then shouldn't you make more than one observation?

Yes, it looks to me like the OP works at a restaurant, whose staff greeted him at the picnic.

try and understand their point of view, you are obviously really annoying and obnoxious for them to act this way, well there has to be some reason for it, they worked really hard on planning a party without you and you had to go and turn up and ruin it for everyone, how selfish of you really.

Have you ever heard of drama? It's this interesting dynamic where people talk about each other behind one another's backs, and it causes a lot of confusion and misinterpretation and hurt feelings. It's also keeps people from really getting to know "that guy," and we undercut our own humanity by denying that of another.