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Today, my 2-year-old son put his hand on my face, gave me a sweet kiss, and put his cheek against mine. Then he slapped me hard enough to leave a mark, laughed, and scrambled away. FML
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thatonegirlnic 10

He's a reverse sour patch kid. Sweet. Sour. Gone.

Did you punish him?! Had I done that when I was little I would get timeout and a whopping


Awww he loves you he was just messing with you

My 19 month-old nephew who lives with me also abuses me after trying to show me any love. He even broke my glasses yesterday.

shut up Nikki Manaj

Messing around or not, we shouldn't teach 2 year olds that it's ok to slap people.

My little brother does the same thing. He will go over and give you a hug then ask you to do something, wipe boogers on you, and do something to hurt you. He goes to time out for it though.

Messing around or not, that shit still hurts. Granted, she's two so there was no real damage done in this case. Better than a husband, or the dog, or a bus from 5000 miles away. Should still sit her ass down in time out and tell her not to do it again.

JocelynKaulitz 28

First they're sour, then they're sweet. In this case it's a little opposite.

Ok listen guys I wasn't saying that it's ok for him to do that I was just saying my sister does that to me all the time and I know she loves me. Calm down

#73 That's not the point, I don't think they're doubting if their son loves them or not. The point is that it's not acceptable that a child thinks it's ok to slap someone. Doesn't matter if it's a joke, doesn't matter if they love that person. The kid will grow up learning that slapping people across the face is ok unless he is disciplined now. It's your mindset that makes kids so disrespectful, you don't teach them right from wrong.

That's a way that children show affection. Sure, its not nice, but that's how kids are. They are strange, and you just have to go with it. I would've popped her butt and stuck her in timeout for a bit though.

#88, Like I said, the kid is 2 and doesn't know any better. So you punish him then move on, and he won't do it again. you guys are making a huge deal out of nothing

#56, I never said it was ok

Bigfabthetruth52 22

I think u guys are over reading this.maybe the kid just kissed their mom on the cheek and could have possibly playfully slapped her.i don't think what her mindset on this would be some kind of indictmen on her character or ability to raise children.

#136, thank you that's what Ive been trying to say

136, it says hard enough to leave a mark so I dont think it was playful

Wow 70 dislikes... wow

What's with people's kids beating the shit out of them nowadays?

Looks like someone is going to get a spanking

I don't know where they get it, but it seems all more common these days. My three year old niece punches when she doesn't get what she wants. Punching back doesn't even phase her!

#19 I really hope your last sentence was a joke.

#2 it's because parents aren't disciplining their children. And I don't mean hitting them back, I mean at all. No time outs, no toys taken away, nothing. When a kid knows they can get away with something without getting in trouble, they're going to do it

25, I am really hoping he is. I sense a really shitty joke, but not entirely sure.

BubbleGrunge 18

Learning respect should start before spankings need to happen.

Well at least you know he really loves you.

Why was I disliked? Lol

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Because how is that showing love?

@108 that escalated a little quickly

Did you punish him?! Had I done that when I was little I would get timeout and a whopping

Meaning you had good parents, of which there aren't very many nowdays.

rahulcool7 14

He is 2, maybe if he was 5 or 6 he deserved a spanking but he is too young for that.

asnakelovinbabe 16

The kid is TWO, not six or seven! You don't freaking hit a two year old as punishment. They don't even understand or make the connection of why they are being spanked at that age. Christ people... NEVER have kids if you think hitting a 2 year old is acceptable.

Das_is_gud 11

Shit, I accidentally thumbed up your comment

BubbleGrunge 18

Actually, from someone who is educated in early childhood development, a two year old is MOST CERTAINLY capable of understanding wrong and right; and they understand spankings. How ever you choose to discipline your child, with in reason, is up to you as the parent. However you are not doing you nor your child any good by not disciplining them properly. Oh, and just an fye, a six, seven and eight year old are capable of understanding and learning from punishments that don't involve spanking. It is usually younger children who benefit from a proper, loving and non-angry pat to the butt. And yes, I believe in spanking as a last resort, but I can't tell you how many children I've had in my care that could have benefited from the parents parenting and not being wimps.

Literally every time there's a FML about kids misbehaving everyone just resorts to spanking because it's "good parenting" and "stops bad behaviour" which makes absolutely no sense to me. Parents are the biggest influence on the child's life especially in the first 2 years, so they're going to assume that it's okay to do whatever you do. If the two year old even recognizes what he did was wrong, he's going to think that it's okay to use violence to get what he wants or vent his out his anger, especially when it involves a bigger and stronger person to hitting a smaller one. Is that how you really want to teach your kids how to handle conflict? A child's self esteem and self image is a reflection of how others perceive him, especially his parents. So if his parents are hurting him and telling him that he's being bad, he's going to think "I must be no good, what is wrong with me", the child never thinks "Wow I am so thankful my parents love me enough to hit me". Spanking is as much physical punishment as it is emotional, when a child is being spanked he feels weak and defenceless, trust is lost and their self esteem is damaged. Also, kids have a very selective memory. Even if you show love and affection 90% of the time, the kid is most likely going to remember the few times that you hit him out of anger and frustration more than the rest. Spanking is more likely to make the child more rebellious than anything. After a child is spanked they feel fear and hatred for the person inflicting pain and would likely try to avoid them. Not to mention studies have proven that no one can learn when they're afraid so when you want to teach your child a lesson it's crucial to reduce the fear than to increase it. My suggestion would be to teach your kids right from wrong by gently instructing them with love and respect because whooping their ass is only going to result in emotionally crippled adults with bad problem solving skills.

BubbleGrunge 18

Every child is different, I was a child which spanking worked on me. I was a pretty good kid, but kids act up. My brother use to laugh when he got spanked. Spanking or non spanking doesn't make someone a good or bad parent. I never felt fear, nor was I a angry adult. In fact, I'm pretty damn stabled if I do say so myself. I also believe their is more to disciplining than spanking, but keep you're damn "you're a bad parent because you spank" beliefs to yourself. A good parent isn't determined by how they discipline their children; a good parent is one who raises their children with love, acceptance of others and nurtures their strengths AND weaknesses. So, I think it's pretty sad you determine a parents worth with how they discipline instead of their child's happiness.

Hes gonna be one real shit disturber of a teenager..

Wrong fml, the shit jokes one is a few down. Keep scrolling.

Sorry wrong site, is maybe the one you're looking for

thatonegirlnic 10

He's a reverse sour patch kid. Sweet. Sour. Gone.

Why is this thumbed down??? This has got to be one of the best, most simple yet amazing comments I've ever read lolz

Technically , in the commercial that's what the guy says. "Sweet.Sour.Gone. " Therefore its not a reverse sour patch. I however did not TD it .

#17 it actually is "Sour, sweet, gone"

11, your brown nose is showing.

samquenda 8

Oh kids. Gotta love 'em

All 2 year olds are troubling, just give them time

The terrible two stage

Give him time? Bullshit. Kids need discipline. They don't know right from wrong, and it's the parents job to teach them. "Giving him time" will only raise a disrespectful little shit who thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants without consequence.

Jrpg909 1

This is why black people have such terrible kids and the race itself is shit, their is never consequences in their household as kids .

You're probably not a good kisser

Rainhawk94 27

The pimp hand is strong with this one