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  The_Pleb  |  0

Look on the brightside, your boyfriend isnt lazy and is also a bitch.

This is a rarity in males so count yourself as lucky.

Tell him to get into the kitchen and make you a sammich.

  liveBabylon  |  0

I know :( I'm just going to stop reading fml it's just too stupid.
And I've put brutal FML's that have messed me up for life. And they were denied .
Like waking up to my brother fucking my best friend, On the my bed that I was asleep on. How is that not an FML?

  thyaftermath  |  0

I mean wow who the fuck cares if he was reaching for the remote?? I mean is this tragic , funny, interesting in the slightest way??
Is it worth publishing on the front page of such a popular website.
Bitch I hope fucks you in the ass with that remote



I know a lot of these aren't truely going to fuck someones life up. It's not like I come here expecting to read "Today, my wife and son died in a car accident. I was in the backseat and lost both my legs. The police have arrested me for murder. FML."
But this isn't nearly close to an FML. This is a FABSMLWAA. For A Brief Second My Life Was Almost Awkward.

This wouldn't even get accepted on MLIA.
Atleast other FML's that arent going to really fuck someones life provide some kind of humour.

This is the worst FML i've ever read.

  Shuntbob  |  8

You don't need to cuddle or hug in a relationship. Some people aren't comfortable with the physical affection and they deserve to be respected.

By  Veritas143  |  0

So he didn't say, "I'm breaking up with you" or "I hate you" or maybe, "Get in the kitchen and make me a sammich or get the fuck out!"...he just said that he was reaching for the remote.. OP I might just kill you tonight..