By toothpaste - 19/01/2012 12:17 - Australia

Today, a man crashed into my car. He then got out of his car, dug a toothbrush and toothpaste out of his bag, and tried to brush away the damage. FML
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Well let's just hope he doesn't forget to floss after

get a giant rubber and start erasing him.


Bitches be crazy.

Well let's just hope he doesn't forget to floss after

The car probably had mourning breath don't blame the man.

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What an idiot. Why would he brush his damaged teeth OUTside his car?! What? That's not what the OP meant? ...

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18: Mourning breath? Like when someone has just been to a funeral? :P

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Well did it work?

Genius to the highest degree.

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Um 23 he was talking about flossing the car...

Thats something my uncle would do :O

OP: "Yeah, and while we're at it, let's take the car to the dentist, just to be safe!"

So he gave it the casual brush off?

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Don't try to be funny this joke is actually kinda sad

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At least he didn't use windex.

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Was said bag a purse(or a satchel... >_>) or a suitcase?

I could've sworn it worked!

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Well I suppose a hit and scrub is better than a hit and run.

That is hilarious. The fml and the joke. I feel bad for op AND the dude though....I dunno for being stupid but still kind.....? AHHH WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE THE DUDES A NICE GUY KAY? Fine just dislike this. >:(

get a giant rubber and start erasing him.

Yeah, condoms usually erase my mistakes too..

Brits use the word rubber for eraser. And condom. Be I'm pretty sure he meant eraser.

she* and yeah i'm aussssie rubber means like ... eraser. most of the time. but in this context i ment the stationary :)

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Well if you ever come study in the US, I suggest you think twice before asking your classmates for a rubber in the middle of a lecture.

One rubber deletes mistakes, the other prevents them.

His life started with a broken rubber and ends with a rubber

Maybe you should take out a razor and try shaving his car.

Bitches be crazy.

Anyone else wondering whose car the toothpaste guy was trying to repair? It just says "the damage".

Cleanliness next to managerliness. Anyone know that quote? :)

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SpongeBob FTW :3

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Damn I was gonna say that!! Better late tan never though!! SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS THE MOVIE!!

I'm ready...promotion...I'm ready...promotion...I'm ready... SPONGEBOB MOVIE FTW

"Sir can I help you there? "

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Well now isn't this problem solving at it's finest.

No you guys have it all wrong... The guy was clearly high out of his mind and figured it would work.

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Just keep brushing, just keep brushing, just keep brushing.

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Just keep brushing, brushing, brushing, what do we do we BRUUUUUUUUSSHH! :D

Just keep Scrubbing, just keep Scrubbing, just keep Scrubbing!

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Just keep scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing, what do we do we SCRUUUUUUUUB! I love Dory. I have an aunt who acts just like her. We call her Auntie Stacy. (As in Spacey Stacy.) Too bad her name's Carmen.

At least it wasn't a hit and run!

Hit and brush, way better

Bitches be crazy.

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Silly guy. He was suppose to use Orbit(r)