By Rejected - Australia
Today, my six year old son came up to me with his arms spread and said, "I feel like a hug." I got really excited and hopeful because he is very anti-social and hates physical contact. As soon as I stood up to hug him he said "Feeling's gone" and walked away. FML
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By  DocBastard  |  38

I usually don't do this, but anti-social behaviour and avoidance of physical contact can be signs of autism.

Now before anyone jumps on me, I'm not making any diagnosis here. I'm only saying they are signs that something deeper MAY be going on. Ok, now you may flame the shit out of me.

  miss_la_rue  |  6

It sounds like this kid is autistic. My cousin started being the same way around that age. For the OP's sake, I hope his son isn't, but, if he is, at least it's not a terminal disease or something.

By  waveringatom  |  1

ouch. bad parenting skills. he needs a playdate with another six year old


what do you mean bad parenting? he could have a mental condition, or just be like that I was incredibly social and outgoing as a young child now I barely go anywhere unless I get invited by it could easily go the otherway

  RockRoll  |  0

How is that bad parenting in any way? And how does a play date solve anything? If he's anti-social, that wouldn't make him feel much better. Reread the FML.

  catatonicsleep  |  17

If he is not very sociable and doesn't like physical contact he could be on the autism spectrum, play dates wont help at all with that, and it does not mean the parents are bad parents.

  Hockeyboy4280  |  18

Or maybe he's just quiet and keeps to himself? god damn I hate it when people add a label for EVERYTHING. I was a loner kid and I hate when people put their hands all over me, so am I autistic?

  hannahhlizz  |  18

Just because a kid doesn't like people touching him doesn't mean he's autistic. As a kid I absolutely hated people touching me if I don't give them permission and I still hate it. I'm not on the autism spectrum and it really pisses me off when ignorant assholes assume otherwise just because I'm not your type of social.

  diceplaya  |  12

When I read this FML, I imagined slow music playing as he came up to his dad to hug him and then an abrubt end to the song as he said "Feeling's Gone".

  fthku  |  13

1. You're 15, why are you talking about "people these days"?
2. You were the one being sensitive and uptight, calling me a dipshit. Own up to your mistakes.
3. You really need to calm down.
4. Your comments are painful to read. You're a 15 year old American, use your own damn language properly.