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Oh so ghosts come with pungent smell? Is she trying to say that your fart smells so bad it haunts her like a ghost?


Next thing OP knows he's gonna have a butt plug. Then the ghosts will be spontaneously gone.


Better invest in some sort of safety mechanism. It's usually pretty dangerous to put a potential projectile in front of a compressed gas source.

This is just a weird FML. Op either has weird farts or his girlfriend has issues or it's just all a joke.

Farts and ghosts are actually quite similar. You can hear them but cant see them, and only certain people know they're there, lingering in the air.

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62---I think 9 quoted the lyrics in reference to OP's girlfriend. Kind of like saying "damn my girl is psycho, but I stick around cause she can put it on me"................. That's how I took it??


68- Oh, now I get it! I thought maybe the comment gremlins had moved #9 from a different story but now it makes sense to me.

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