By NotHauteCouture - United States
Today, we had our annual office Christmas party. The theme of the party was "Ugliest Sweater". The winner was a sweater that I have an exact replica of in my closet. It's my favorite 'special occasion', 'family portrait' and 'holiday' sweater. FML
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By  letitbe56  |  0

Sometimes the ugliness of a piece of clothing depends on who's wearing it. Sometimes when I'm out shopping, I'll see something and think, "Who in the world would buy that?" but then later on I'll see someone wearing it or something like it and looking great. Maybe you're just the person who can pull off the ugly sweater and make it seem non-ugly.

This whole FML kind of reminds me of last year, I wore this hideous dress to an 80's night, and several people complimented me on it said I should wear it for real, in non-80's night situations. F their lives. (And MLIG, I guess?)

By  kmgentil  |  0

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