By Anonymous - 22/12/2016 05:03

Today, I bought a rather unique shirt for my boyfriend, planning to give it to him for Christmas. He showed up wearing the same shirt. This isn't the first time this has happened. FML
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Korra_fml 23

I had kind of the reverse of this with my brothers.. they both were spending the summer at my grandma's house.. they found this grim reaper shirt and thought it would make me SOOO jealous, so they both bought one. They came home wearing them and I was like "hey I have that shirt".. they were so mad

On the bright side it at least means you know his tastes.


"oh uh. Gee thanks. I'll just put this in my 'spares' closet."

I think it would be a bit of a bummer to get something that you already have; but I actually like having back-ups of the clothes that I like. Sometimes I purposely buy 2 of the same thing if I like it enough just to have a back-up.

Reminds me of that one laundry soap commercial. "I love you. That's why I bought six of you, for when you start to fade."

On the bright side it at least means you know his tastes.

I can't handle the suspense... his what?

#3, try rotating your device. Judging by your comment, you read #2, and it looked like it cut off randomly. It's actually a glitch in the app that occasionally affects text rendering; it can be temporarily remedied by rotating to landscape view. *removes deerstalker cap*

what if he knows what you're getting him and goes and buys the same thing just try and annoy you?

this is exactly what I was thinking. especially since it happened more than once.

Well OP just bought the shirt so unless he can read minds...

And there you were thinking there were no downsides to dating a magician bored of card tricks.

cheshireau 26

I feel your pain. I can never surprise my Dad with a collectible from one of his favourite movies without him going to the shops and buying it without me knowing. Now I just ask him.

Hey, at least you know what he likes! I bet he really appreciates the thought :)

Sounds like you need gift ideas that aren't clothes.

Cutest couple I ever knew did this all the time. They were just on the same wave length. Best bet is finding a source for shirts he doesn't know about.

If that happens consistently, make it a rule that you both don't buy new stuff for x weeks before Christmas.