By Anonymous - 02/01/2012 05:40 - United States

Today, I was pushed over and robbed in a parking lot by a man in an ugly Christmas sweater. When I looked up, I was too distracted by the sweater to even look at his face. FML
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slushpup9696 12

Gotta compliment the technique, nobody ever expects the "ugly sweater mugging".

Hey man, when grandma makes you a sweater, you wear that shit.


slushpup9696 12

Gotta compliment the technique, nobody ever expects the "ugly sweater mugging".

Definately beats being mugged by the naked man. Thats just awkward....

xSonic 9

So then how did the man manage to shove his ****** up your butthole?

Surprise! He didn't shove his ****** up his butthole, it was his penis!

GoW_Chick 14

Well that explains slot MrMisfit ...

GoW_Chick 14

* a lot Damn you autocorrect!

Honziie 1

Always blame the auto correct

Did you notice if he had red hair? If he did, you've narrowed it down to one of the Weasleys! Bloody Molly and her ugly Christmas sweaters.

GoW_Chick 14

Well autocorrect is a cruel mistress always being rude by interrupting and changing words while I am trying to type

flamerocker 9

39 - if he had red hair, maybe it was the ginger who's father wouldn't let them donate blood!

could have been Cosby still in the Christmas spirit

whosays1 7
LaColombianita 26

That must've been one hideous sweater lol I think he did it on purpose.

alphaskater09 9

Is that you in your profile pic? Well if it is than your ugly.

javierrrrm 12

You dont say it was on purpose? -_-t Well it wasnt an accident stealing a car...

Who the **** said anything about a car, 56?

I dont think people mug other accidentaly

It's soo ugly I can't stop looking at itX)

Nightwing98 22

It's like con artists putting a band-aid on their nose, so when people go to the cops the only description they give are "a guy that was just in a bar fight."

That's how they get you. Who needs a ski mask to rob someone when you've got a sweater with crocheted kittens on it?

whitey317 0

True fact: that's partially why we couldn't find Bin laden for so long

I'm not sure how well the sweater technique would hold up against security cameras. I'll look into it.

"Today, as a security guard, I was watching video footage of a person being robbed in the parking lot by a man in an ugly Christmas sweater. It was so hideous that it burned my eyes as well as the security footage a few seconds after watching it. I am now blind. FML."

I was thinking more along the lines of candy canes and christmas trees but i guess that works too! ;) ahahaahaha

Hey man, when grandma makes you a sweater, you wear that shit.

Especially when it's made with love!

bizarre_ftw 21

And a pocket for your gun and stolen loot (granny knows the game, where do you think she got the yarn?)

whosays1 7

If it was that distracting to where OP couldn't look away, yes!

For some reason I feel like what he was stealing wasn't important if you didnt look at his face.... It would be my first reaction, but maybe I'm just awkward.

I think if I got robbed, I would be smart enough to look at his face.

#9- nice picture! ...that was sarcasm btw.

My comment was also sarcasm, mainly because your comment was stupid. That is kind of the point of the fml. That's like saying that you wouldn't trip over a rock to someone who just had. Stupid and pointless.

sugarandspice33 0

54- you're stupid and pointless, do yourself a favor and just stop commenting.

#54- I think I would be smart enough to not trip over a rock! Lol :)

Why should I stop commenting? Because some idiot on the Internet told me to? I'm not obligated to listen to you, and your comment was almost as stupid as his. It was pointless, as is yours. We all know that if we were mugged we'd look at the mugger. No reason to say so if we're all thinking it. If you think his comment was meaningful you must be ******* retarded. My opinion.

By the way number 7, no hard feelings. Sarcasm can come off quite harsh over the internet, and that was not my intention. I just felt that your comment was kind of unnecessary. If you took it as an insult, my apologies. Have a nice day. ;)

Well OP didn't look at his face, all I said was if I robbed I would be smart enough to look at the guys face. No need be a douche bag!

Yes I know, I apologize. I wasn't in the best of moods earlier. No hard feelings?

Yeah I realized after I posted those comments. I didn't bother going back to correct it though.

lolmonster34 0

I feel my pic is the right thing for this convo

He needed to buy himself a better-looking sweater.

Snafuusmc 12

Billy Cosby wants his sweater back.