By Hairball - United States
Today, my coworker asked to borrow my nail clippers so he could take care of a hangnail. He went to the bathroom, which I thought was polite, but when he got back to his desk and returned my clippers, there were little curly hairs stuck inside. He's bald. FML
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  FarSide  |  22

People, people, people. OP shared a pair of nail clippers, NOT a comb, and not a used rubber. It is not likely that one can contract AIDS for sharing nail clippers. Why the Hell throw them away???

  mylifestoryy  |  6

He could have given the OP AIDS because what happens if he got some of his skin and it got on the nail clippers? and then the OP forgot to clean them and then he used them and got a cut on his feet and then the blood gets in his foot there could be a tiny chance that he could catch AIDS x_x
@59 So true he could catch all of those too

  FarSide  |  22

Riiiight. Silly me. I suppose OP could have been bitten by a mosquito who had just bitten an AIDS or HIV infected person too.

You are so ignorant that you are actually pitiful.