No ethical consumption under capitalism

By Anonymous - 20/02/2022 18:00

Today, I got fired. A woman, who'd been ignoring me at the workplace, told me I wasn't friendly enough. She turned out to be the manager. Apparently, she likes to test the new hires by being extremely cold and unwelcome. She never even introduced herself. Also, it only pays 70% of the minimum wage. FML
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AzraelAngelus 15

Oh, so you're only friendly to people who can do things for you? You should be friendly to everyone, you transactional piece of shit! Sounds like a fair test for a sub-minimum wage job. The work must be awesome for the wage scale be a race to the bottom.

Grounds for wrongful firing in most places buuut I'm guessing you're not in one of those places :(

Jon Tessler 14

how did she get away with paying less than minimum wage?

could be other monetary "benefits" that fall into a weird loophole of the laws depending on the job title and business. Still probably wouldn't stand up in court and if it is an easy legal win most likely a pro-Bono type of thing as well.

Pro-Bono? What's the opposite of pro-Bono? Pro-The-Edge?

I’m sure it would only get worse from there. Make sure you collect your last paycheck, get a new job and don’t look back.

As practice shows, the lower the salary, the more the authorities go crazy