By fuckmyjob - 19/06/2014 20:10 - United States - Lake Charles

Today, at my first day working at Walmart, a customer asked if we have any egg cookers. I said I wasn't sure, but that I'd be "eggstatic" to go ask for him. The first clue I got to suggest he hated puns was him yelling "Don't get smart with me, boy!" and then threatening to kill me. FML
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I guess you were walking on eggshells after that.

revan546 24

I thought it was an eggcellent pun OP


I guess you were walking on eggshells after that.

That'll be one eggciting conversation with your boss

I'm gonna egg you for killing that comment.

I thought the pun was eggceptional given the circumstances.

1: If not, OP would really be in hot water.

People can't appreciate a good yolk these days.

Demig0d6 14

Eggcuse me guys, did I miss anything?

I would've cracked a smile if I'd been that customer.

You guys are beating this one to death, I'm going to lead by eggzample and not make anymore egg puns

You guys are poaching all my best yolks

badluckalex 23

Ah damn look at all the neggs my comment got.

cryssycakesx3 22

the man didn't have to get so eggcited about a silly play on words.

incoherentrmblr 21

Gotta love the people of WalMart...

That eggstraordinary pun would have made me laugh.

@113 ... and now you will get more isnt that eggcellent

revan546 24

I thought it was an eggcellent pun OP

You have both eggceeded my eggceptionally low eggspectations.

Walmart, the biggest collection of asshole customers

Well that because your pun delivery wasn't eggecuted very well.

You guys are poaching all my best yolks.

Well OP look at the bright side, oh wait never mind there isn't one. Sorry.

I believe you mean the "sunny side."

Lol I used to be a cashier at Walmart. People can be assholes. You'll get used to it eventually. Also get used to seeing odd things.

MzZombicidal 36

Just the other day, I saw a man walk into Walmart wearing chainmail at one o'clock in the morning. I really wish I'd waited to see what he bought.