By Saduglydad - 12/12/2012 16:05 - United States - Houston

Today, my daughter wore my favorite Christmas sweater to an ugly sweater party. FML
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It could of been like your favourite dress or something..still feel bad for you though.

Based on their name, I'm pretty sure OP is a guy. A sad guy with self esteem issues. I mean, he MIGHT have a favorite dress, but I don't think it's likely.

Well, Im sorry for the mistake, I didn't read the name until you pointed it out, also wasn't sure about the gender, therefore I assumed it was a women.

OHai15 12

Yes, I could of read the username, but I was more focused on the FML itself, don't act like you haven't made the same silly mistake, or one similar.

I..must..resist.. *could've or could have Damn Grammar Nazi inside me.

MichellinMan 20

It's really hard to find a good sweater. Especially Christmas sweaters.

For a man of your size, I'm not suprised.

56, you might want to tread lightly on that topic as I'm sure he's tyre'd of being made fun of. Though in reality, I'm having a wheely good time and this thread is gaining some traction.

Kids know best, time to buy a better sweater!

Then this FML would be: Yesterday, my son didn't wear my most hated sweater to a beautiful sweater party. ILML(I love my life)

How do you know the opposite of today is yesterday O_o? Could be tomorrow? Or last night?! or tonight?

No, that's nordrag. Or Han Solo, it's hard to tell right now.

It coat have been worse, at least Op felt good wearing it. I'm sure it was warm and cozy; he just shouldn't have left it wear she cold jacket.

Almost all themed sweaters are ugly as sin I see no reason to be offended.

That's when you bleach her favorite clothing

tmmundy 17

Yeah #8, that's showing your child, you don't like my favorite sweater so I'll just bleach your favorite clothing. I hope you don't have children. I feel sorry for them if you do.

That's a little overboard, that's when OP just needs to wear her favorite dress to an ugly dress party.( yes I know OP is a guy)

Actually, it was a joke. Excuse my harsh sense of humor, I would never bleach my own kids clothing, especially not his/her favorite.

jackal181 7

Aah, the old issue of sarcasm not being obvious over the internet. Happens to everyone :/

Parents and kids usually have different tastes in clothes. Don't take it personally.

venus89 17

My mum and I are like that. According to her I wear too much black or "hippie" clothes as she puts it. While she loves the seasonal sweaters and bright colours and patterns but also very stylish. OP just has to take her out shopping. My mum did that a few times and got a good feel on what I like and surprises all the time now in good ways.

simron_15 3

YDI for having poor choice in clothing

How is it OP's poor choice in clothing? What if, and I know it maybe hard to believe, the kid has a bad choice in clothing.

KiddNYC1O 20

What you find poor, others might find exquisite.