By anyoldnamewilldo - 11/12/2014 16:10 - United States - Cincinnati

Today, I wore what I thought was a hideous sweater from the thrift store for an ugly sweater contest. I've gotten more compliments on it than anything else I've ever worn. I can't even succeed at failure. FML
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The best time to wear a stripped sweater is all the time...

cadillacgal79 32

Maybe they were complimenting on the ugliness?


The best time to wear a stripped sweater is all the time...

The one with the turtle neck collar, that's the kind!

Cassmoneyyy 15

*"one with a collared- turtle neck, that's the kind."

"Stripped sweater" whoops

Preferably one like Waldo's. Iconic.

wheeeeeeen your weeeearing!!!, that one special... sweater...

#15 *"one with a collar, turtle neck, that's the kind"

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

DanShowsNoMercy 13

You have a good sense of fashion then.

nattlecakes 19

Either that, or a terrible one.

or OP doesn't realize that ugly sweaters are really popular right now...

cadillacgal79 32

Maybe they were complimenting on the ugliness?

That's what I was thinking... Were they actually complimenting how good it looked, or complimenting how good it was for ugly sweater day?

Maybe they were complimenting it out of shock. A girl in my year wore a really hideous yellow jumper, caught me staring and out of shock I blurted "I like your jumper!" She got so many compliments on it when really it was the ugliest fucking sweater anyone had ever seen.

Is that you, Regina George?

BONUS: you got a great sweater for cheap!

What, what, what, what.

no mah. We r nt going to a thrift shop. calm your panties

I'm gonna pop some tags only got 20$ in my pocket......

I knew somebody would do this -_-

Everytime I wear something from a thrift store (skirt in my pic) I get lots of compliments. It's ok that you may have failed at getting the perfect ugly sweater but at least you looked great.

... am I the only one getting the sense that you're kinda fishing for compliments..?

Hunny, you're not wearing a skirt. Did you mean shirt?

#37 look closer at her picture. she is wearing a skirt. she is just wearing stockings with it that are quite a dark black as well. zooming in does wonders. (:

I hope so because I wasn't. That pic is what I've had up since creating this account and it just so happens that the skirt was from a thrift store!

Get your fucking eyes checked because it is a skirt!

To be fair, it IS a skirt, but it's ridiculously hard to tell even if you're zoomed in because the skirt is the same colour as the leggings/tights.

Chill out you're 40 years old

Perhaps it compliments your looks.

Ppl could be f#+$ing with you

cjwayy 22

It's FML. You can say "fucking".

tony1891 22

you cant say fuck on fuckmylife. fuck fuckity fuck fuck!!

maybe they weren't being serious and they were just trying to make you feel better. haha!

Sounds like maybe a new addition to the wardrobe??