By Anonymous - 04/04/2009 23:06 - United States

Today, my biology teacher told me that every Friday we should wear a hideous shirt to count down the last days of freshman year. So when Friday came around we decided to have a contest for most hideous shirt. I won. I forgot to wear a hideous shirt. FML
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LMAO. bummer, man. buy better shirts?

At least you won! Wooohoooo!!! You are a CHAMP!


LMAO. bummer, man. buy better shirts?

wait... ur biology teacher??? wow get some friends... no wonder u wear ugly clothes

this is good man! no1 knows u forgot!

wow ur sense of hummor is gay

can't girls be gay, too?

Your shirt must have been ugly as shit. Sorryy.

At least you won! Wooohoooo!!! You are a CHAMP!

Ya, you could've pretended like you wore it on purpose and at least you won.


No offense, but buy normal shirts...

...yay winning though?

Hahahaha what the fuck were you wearing?

Aww...just throw the shirt in the fire.. :]]

THE fire? you say it like theres just one sitting around waiting to be used. Please excuse my profile picture...

haha i hope u won something GOOD!

Well, you're a Freshman, no matter what you wore it would have been considered hideous.