By Lisaaa - 27/10/2010 11:47 - Canada

Today, it was my little girl's birthday and her grandparents came over to celebrate. One of the presents from her grandparents turned out to be a sweater. She then asked, "Mommy, may I please lie?" When I shook my head no, she exclaimed, "I hate this ugly sweater!" FML
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Once she asked your permission to lie, you were up a creek no matter your response. I guess it's time to teach her the value of the Little White Lie.

That was a lose-lose situation anyway.


Once she asked your permission to lie, you were up a creek no matter your response. I guess it's time to teach her the value of the Little White Lie.

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Tactfulness or Honesty?

The OP has such a polite daughter if she asks for permission before she lies :x

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She could of just said thank-you, not give an opinion and get out of the situation by not lying, but little kids are tuned only to think in reward vs punishment which is probably why she lied.

haha thts cute. I don't think it's a fml. more like a really funny home video

kids say the darnedest...

I taught my kids to never say anything bad about a gift in front of the person who gives it, and if they ever ask about it later on, to say something that would appease them. Like in this case, my kids would have said :thanks for the sweater" and later on when asked about it, "oh it got torn playing football in it",which is usually true with my boys since any clothes they not like, they wear when they play football outside

If I had said something like that when I was young, my mom would've taken out The Wooden Spoon. =_=

you're pretty! I'm jealous!

I want to live in a world where everyone tells the truth. If I got you a bad gift I want to know that, because I'll know what to get you next year! If you hate me, why don't you just say it to my face. It's better than pretending to like me and then gossiping behind my back.

That was a lose-lose situation anyway.

well if u explain its a white lie its not so much a lose

Yeah, same thoughts here

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neva gonna give you up....

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like a boss

She just wanted to tell you what she was feeling. She had to make you understand.

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Now that's funny! Hopefully she'll learn you don't have to lie but she should keep some things to herself.

why F YOUR life? more like F the grandparents' lives...YDI for raising an ungrateful child

An ungrateful child? She wanted to lie and say it was nice, but she didn't want to lie and get in trouble.

yeah, so either way, she was being ungrateful.

So because someone has an opinion on something, if it's negative they're ungrateful?

I think the kid was very polite to ask if she could lie, there is nothing ungrateful about knowing she would sound ungrateful and not wanting

not ungratefull. it's kinda funny something to look back on and laugh. the kid has been tought right from wrong.

@19 Yeah, pretty much. Learn to be grateful, even if you don't like it.

I guess you have not got to the "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" manners lesson yet.

Little kids speak their minds, this is why they get taught to keep some things to themselves. I suppose it depends how little she was, but chances are that most people at her age have said something their parents were not proud of. Hopefully her grandparents understood.

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Well she hates the ugly sweater. Not a big deal. Oh wait she said it loudly and rudely I see the problem now. Still funny though.

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Make her wear it as punishment for being a rude little butthead.

My "bob" is really really small.

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Considering that "butthead" is in no way insulting, more so a playful way to pick on someone, yes I feel good about that. Do you feel good for overreacting? Also, you can't say how old the little girl is. My mom called me her little girl until I was around 11.

To a 4/5 year old that's pretty insulting, said with the right tone it may even reduce a sensitive child to tears, you feel good for this? I cannot argue with such evil.

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FFML_314 11

Wow, you are truly clever. I mean I'm flabbergasted at your creativity.

Looks to me like one of the mods changed Bobissmall's comment to something slightly less offensive. zmeiler, you can put whatever you want on FFML and I'm sure it would look cute.

Yeah wtf? My comment wasn't offensive at all? I love how free speech is non-existent on the internet.

Not to mention, im surprised it isn't illegal to change someones comment without making it clear that it was edited like that. It's almost like pretending to be someone, like fraud or something. Meh, the law is ridiculous so often.

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Well i'm glad YOU find it funny. Jeez the mod isnt even funny, what else would my username mean?

Actually i'm from the UK just like you, and it wasn't bad, it was basically along the lines of "You just insulted a 4/5 year old, i hope you feel good about your self"

Can you possibly point me to the rules also? I cannot find them.

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Take a joke, 45.

Also cannot find the joke?

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That's because you're stupid.

No, there's just a lot of comments, and i do not know of which you refer to. It's also interesting how ive been the only one to not insult anyone, but also the only one to have my comments edited.

Not at all. But please read the commenting rules and try to avoid getting involved in arguments ;-)

Cheers, but seriously, i cannot find the rules!

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Are you done yet? I think you'll be OK.

Bobissmall, I sent them to you via a PM, but you can also access them via the link underneath the comment box. They are linked to via the "our rules" text.

Ah. I like the last paragraph of the rules lol. Well I've managed to show my self up there... Thanks again anyway.

You edit your eyes badly, FFML.