By likwidsol - 28/01/2009 19:21 - United States

Today, walking to work in a snowstorm since I don't own a car, a man rolled down his window and screamed, "what are you doing you f***ing freak? you stupid b**ch!", while I waited for a green light to cross. FML
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I'd have thrown a snowball at him. What an asshole.


jol @ the fucktard who said "lolololol @ Acid" XD you're ****** retarded XD :D [and no, i didn't misspell "lol" i said jol. . .suck it. . .don't know what it means? then you're stupid XD]

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he obviously Jerked Off Laughing

These comments confuse me :/ but anyway, that guy is an ass.

I'd have thrown a snowball at him. What an asshole.

lol #2. i agree. you should have shouted "you dick. i dont own a car!"

You should have thrown snow at his face and flipped him off.

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"Today, I was late to work after some idiot decided to cross the street during a green light. Later that day, I was fired from my job. FML."

Umm, it says that OP was waiting for a green light, not crossing during the drivers green light...

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