By MozillaHostile - 09/10/2015 18:54 - Canada

Today, I saw my cat attacking a suitcase under my bed for apparently no reason. I laughed and picked it up to show him that there was nothing there, only to find a huge wasp hiding under it. FML.
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Oh my gosh! I am melissaphobic (phobia of bees) so I would have freaked out. FYL

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Not a clue why your comment was down-voted.

askullnamedbilly 33

I guess it is being downvoted because anyone would've freaked out at a surprise wasp, so it's pretty unnecessary to point out that a person with a phobia would've done so as well.

It sounds like you're afraid of people named Melissa.

Sick!!!! Mine used to chase dogs out of the yard

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Good hunter Unlike many lazy cats

You should be proud of your kitty, he's trying to protect you.

Why wouldn't you assume there was something there? A cat doesn't normally launch random attacks on household objects that are always there.

Mine does as well. She especially likes attacking the edge of the rug, but there's never anything underneath.