By IcyWindows - 01/04/2014 02:03 - United States - Syracuse

Today, my neighbor yelled at me because, according to him, the sound of me scraping the ice off my windshield wakes him up every morning. This is the same neighbor who ran over my mailbox last week because there was too much snow on his windows to see properly. FML
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Theyre not being a hypocrite. The neighbor doesnt clean his windshield and complains when others do.

This commenter meant exactly that #11 ...

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No a hypocrite is a person who complains when someone else does something and then they themselves do that very thing they are complaining about.

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drive right into his living room and say you couldn't see

I think the word you're looking for, 1, is morons.

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Morons and assholes. +1 on that...

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I expected a flurry of comments on this one. Your neighbor's icy disposition is nothing to bank on, OP. They might just be unhappy with their life because they flaked in college.

Sounds like your neighbor just needs to let it go, and get rid of that frozen heart of his.

I think a little more than his town is snowed out.

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But it IS ironic. Somebody who complains about something disturbing them crashing into a mailbox because they didn't do it is irony.

I believe the only solution is to go over, knock on his door, and inform him you are going to be scraping the ice off your windshield soon. Then go inside and get ready for work and then scrape the ice off your windshield! It's the neighborly thing to do!

Don't you know that all the cool kids are driving blind these days? Seriously, safety is so last Tuesday.

Just ignore that cold-hearted man. It's snow problem what you're doing, and if he's going to bitch about it, give him the cold shoulder.

Next time you see him say you're sorry. Be nice to him. That way when his windshield gets a rock through it, he won't suspect you.